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Trash-Zilla to the Rescue!


Trash is one thing you never seem to run out of when you have kids—especially in the car. That’s why we love the Trash-Zilla Auto Trash Bag so much! To prove it, we even got you a 15% off discount! This sturdy portable trash can is designed to keep trash where trash belongs—in the can and off the floor and car seats! The two pockets on the outside are great for wipes, sanitizer or anything else small that you need to store in there.


This cute trash receptacle can sit anywhere, but fits well on the floor in the backseat. The bottom is covered with gripping nubs that stop it from sliding or turning over as you drive. The Trash-Zilla holds up to 3.64 gallons, so depending on how much time you spend in the car, that’s quite a bit of trash before you’ll need to empty it.


The top closes with a pretty strong magnet, so you don’t have open trash in the car. The magnet isn’t kid-proof strength, but the top stayed closed with regular use. The handles on the sides make it easy to grab and empty when you’re in a hurry.


You can use a liner for easier emptying, and you don’t need to worry about spills, because the Trash-Zilla is leak-proof. And, although not sold for use for anything other than trash, we used it while on vacation to keep track of small items thrown into the rear area of the SUV. Really, with the waterproof interior and sturdy construction, you could use the Trash-Zilla for anything around the house or in the car!

Order your Trash-Zilla here and use code POSHBROO for a 15% off discount!

Photos courtesy Kevin C. Norris

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Love Fishing? We’ve Got the Scoop on the Top 4 Luxury Fishing Lodges In the US!

Luxury Fishing Lodges

Choosing a rugged hunting and fishing trip for your vacation this year, doesn’t mean you have to compromise on luxury. Fishing lodges cater to high-end clientele by providing guides, gear and even gourmet meals for your fabulous adventure in the great outdoors. After you spend your day knee-deep in the river, treat yourself to five-star accommodations that leave you well rested and refreshed for another day out on the water.

Luxury Fishing Lodges

Baranof Wilderness Lodge Bristol Bay, Alaska

Baranof Wilderness Lodge, nestled in Warm Springs Bay on the east side of Baranof Island, named for it’s remarkable natural hot springs. These unpressured waters offer an abundance of diverse salt and freshwater fishing opportunities in Alaska. With a selection of spectacular bays, estuaries, fishing streams and lakes, the area offers premiere fishing for avid anglers.

From the comfort of their waterfront lodge, anglers can fly fish remote wilderness streams or just soak in the acclaimed natural hot springs. Baranof Wilderness Lodge offers a choice between comfortable and spacious guest cabins and a main lodge surrounded by lush, green, ancient forests. Hot tubs overlook a fresh, clear mountain stream. With food and hospitality to match the grandeur of the region, Baranof Wilderness Lodge is a jewel that families, couples and serious anglers will find profoundly relaxing and pleasurable.

Luxury Fishing Lodges

Bristol Bay Lodge, Alaska

Bristol Bay Lodge is Alaska’s premiere wilderness fishing lodge. Strategically located in the heart of America’s largest state park, Bristol Bay Lodge has the distinct advantage of being utterly surrounded by pristine wilderness. The lodge’s proximity to the watersheds means more fishing and less travel time!

Accommodating up to 26 guests per week who desire the finest freshwater angling available, the lodge’s well-appointed facility offers casually elegant wilderness living. The main lodge houses are equipped with a professional kitchen, dining room, large living room with a bar area, library and a famous see-through fireplace fronted by a panoramic view of Lake Aleknagik. There’s also a hot tub and sauna for relaxing those sore fishing muscles.

Luxury Fishing Lodges

Firehole Ranch West Yellowstone, Montana

Montana’s historic Firehole Ranch allows anglers to fish the famous waters of the Rocky Mountain West. This historic lodge provides keen fly fishing enthusiasts with a personal, memorable sanctuary. Enjoy excursions in nearby Yellowstone Park where activities include horseback riding, hiking, biking, canoeing or simply unwinding in the beautiful reserve.

Firehole Ranch provides guests an exclusive opportunity for a renowned fly fishing experience in a picturesque location. The main lodge permits the surrounding extraordinary landscape to dominate, whilst guests enjoy its authentic warmth, allure and serenity. Enjoy their vast stone fireplace with the other avid anglers while admiring the blue waters of the lake. Firehole Ranch is serene spot that lure fly fishing enthusiasts back year after year.

Luxury Fishing Lodges

Enchanted Lake Lodge Eagle River, Alaska

Situated in the middle of the best rainbow trout fishing spot known to all fishermen, Enchanted Lake Lodge provides unrivaled luxury in a remote wilderness setting. Relax in their comfortable furniture while the fireplace warms the room and you gaze at the panoramic view of the surrounding beauty.

Enchanted Lake is predominantly a fishing-orientated location, although sightseeing tours, bear and wildlife viewing, boat trips and bird hunting are available too. Providing high-end accommodation for only 12 guests per week of the fishing season, you’ll enjoy the personal attention given to each guest. Wind down in the wood-burning sauna to relax at the end of a day on the water. Each private luxury cabin is equipped with luxurious bedding and comfortably furnished with private bathrooms, heaters and 24-hour electricity.

This week’s post is brought to you by Rod Smith. As the former President of the Boating Industry Association, Rod’s passion for boating and fishing is utilized in his current role as Managing Director of CH Smith. Offering his masterful expertise, Rod ensures that customers leave with a love for the sea that parallels his own.

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The Great Family Road Trip

Kids in the Boot

Planning a vacation or a road trip is exciting but the prospect of hours stuck in a car with bored children might be making you reconsider. Luckily you don’t have to! If you are planning a road trip with the family, here are some things that you should plan for to make sure it all runs smoothly.

Silence is golden

Every driver knows that a noisy car makes it difficult to concentrate and so anything that can help to reduce the noise is great. If you can be flexible about when you travel and your kids are still young enough to have a nap, plan your journey for when they should be sleeping. This will make at least part of the trip quieter and much more peaceful.

Eating in the car

If you are happy for your kids to eat in the car, the full tummies are more likely to promote sleep. Sort out some snacks before you leave that you are happy for them to munch their way through while you concentrate on the road.

What should you take?

When traveling with children it is often best to take a variety of things that they will be interested in doing. Books to read, puzzle books, magazines and travel games are all perfect for in the back of the car. If they get bored of these you can also have a few of their favorite toys and their tablet, handheld computer or phone.

Where did you pack everything?

It’s great to be organized and know what you want to take on your trip — and even better to get it packed. However, if you put everything your children want in the trunk of the car you will probably have to put up with a fair amount of nagging until you can pull over to rearrange where you’ve put everything.

Enough about the kids!

It’s all great keeping the kids entertained when you are traveling but there are also a few essentials that you should take to make sure you stay on the road. A petrol can, tire jack and spare tire and a car battery charger (available at Tesco) in case you get a flat battery should all be taken along.

A road trip should always be fun. If you are traveling with children you just need to do a bit of planning to make sure that they stay entertained and you can start your vacation when you start your journey.

Posted by Elizabeth on 09/29 at 08:30 AM
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Halloween at Hersheypark

Hersheypark in the Dark

Back to school, #PSL back on the menu, the first day of autumn…all that’s still missing from the best time of year is Halloween fun! And for the full Halloween experience, there’s no better place than Hersheypark in PA. Beginning October 16, the park transforms into a festive Halloween destination featuring safe, family-focused activities.

Hersheypark in the Dark

Hersheypark in the Dark

Hersheypark in the Dark features more than 50 rides and attractions including the Park’s 13 roller coaster and Halloween-themed entertainment. What other fun fall festivities will be held? They’ve got:
• Halloween-themed rides and experiences.
• Spooky roller coaster experiences on the new Laff Trakk, the nation’s only indoor, spinning glow-coaster and the Park’s three wooden roller coaster. The lights go off for the last operating hour of the evening—so you can scream in the dark!
• Hershey’s Trick-or-Treat Adventure is a candy trail that starts at Hershey’s Chocolate World and continues through Treatville, a seasonal town inside Hersheypark. This one is for kids 12 and younger. Wear a costume!
• Fall-themed food and beverage offerings, and live entertainment including favorites “Bunsen & The Burners,” a band of crazy singing scientists and their monster friends.

A photo posted by Hersheypark (@hersheypark) on

Hershey Story Museum

Visit Black Cat Alley at the Hershey Story Museum. Follow the black cat to Halloween fun and get a head start on trick-or-treating with some delicious Hershey’s treats! Kids will use vintage Hershey advertising art to create their own mini Halloween character to use as a pin or decoration. Make a Halloween spider web, too!

Hershey Gardens

Hershey Gardens lights up the night with more than 150 uniquely carved illuminated pumpkins and a variety of whimsical scarecrows, some of which come alive, during its annual Pumpkin Glow taking place October 23, 24, 30 and 31. Kids ages 12 and younger are invited to bring a flashlight, come in costume, trick-or-treat throughout the Gardens and watch live pumpkin carving demonstrations.

Hotel Hershey

Check into Hotel Hershey for your stay and in addition to the deluxe accommodations enjoy breakfast with the Hershey’s Characters, one-day admission to Hersheypark in the Dark and admission to Hershey Gardens and The Hershey Story’s Museum Experience.

The Spa At The Hotel Hershey

Pumpkin, pumpkin, pumpkin! Before you head home, don’t miss a stop by The Spa At The Hotel Hershey to take advantage of their fall-themed treatments like the Pumpkin Latte Manicure & Pedicure, Pumpkin Spice Scrub, Pumpkin Soufflé Wrap or the Pumpkin Immersion.

Photos courtesy of Hersheypark

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Kids are ‘Captain for a Day’ on Costa Cruises

Captain for a Day

Costa Cruises offers plenty of activities for kids on board their luxury cruise ships, but one is particularly special! Their “Captain for a Day” program lets kids see what life is like at the head of the ship.

Captain for a Day

Activities last all day starting with wearing a captain’s uniform as they explore the ship, learning all the ins and outs. Nautical terms and navigation using a map and compass are taught! They’ll also learn how to communicate using signal flags by spelling their name and leaving secret messages for others.

Weather is important when you’re at sea, so kids will learn all about how weather affects the behavior of the sea. As Captain for the Day, they’ll get to broadcast the day’s weather forecast on the ship’s television network.

The day ends with dinner at the (real) captain’s table in the main dining room

There are three levels to this fun program:

The Aspirante Comandante (Captain Trainee) package includes a uniform to wear for the day, the full captain’s training and dinner at the captain’s table in the main dining room with other participants. After dinner, the junior captains graduate and receive a diploma with two 8-by-11 photos to remember their experience.

The Comandante (Captain) package includes all of the perks of Aspirante Comandante, as well as a captain’s hat autographed by the ship’s master for the trainee to keep. Comandantes additionally receive two 11-by-17 photos.

With the Comandante Superiore (Senior Captain) package, trainees get to keep their uniform, including an autographed captain’s hat, in addition to all of the Aspirante Comandante and Comandante perks.

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We Tried Squeeze Pods, and We Love Them!

Squeeze Pod

Traveling through TSA isn’t getting any easier, and one of the greatest conflicts is liquids. How many times have you paid to check your bag just because you needed more toiletries than the TSA allows?

Squeeze Pod

When we heard about Squeeze Pods, we were hesitantly hopeful that this adorable product would be the solution. After trying them out, we’re pleasantly surprised by how awesome Squeeze Pods are!

Squeeze Pod

Squeeze Pods are easy to pack, lightweight, single-use pods filled with shampoo, conditioner, lotion—any basic toiletry you’re likely to need while traveling. Squeeze Pod even offers a natural toilet odor eliminator—a must-have for when the person you’re waiting on in the airplane restroom is taking just a little too long…

Squeeze Pod

Each tiny package holds two or three (depending on the type) Squeeze Pods, so you can pack an entire beauty regimen for seven days into one toiletry bag with no problem. The pods are practically weightless and very easy to open. But they won’t open on their own! Definitely a step up from even travel-size toiletries.

Squeeze Pod

You can also purchase a functional and convenient toiletry organizer that includes a removable, clear bag for your liquids. Anything to make getting through security a little easier!

Squeeze Pod

The company take corporate social responsibility seriously too, donating kits to women shelter’s when customers purchase their Gimme Shelter Toiletry Kit.

Squeeze Pod

Squeeze Pod products are made in the USA, vegan, PETA-certified cruelty-free and TSA compliant. If that’s not enough for you, they smell and work great!

As always, Poshbrood has your back! Stock up for holiday travel using code POSH25 in the next 30 days for a 25% discount.

Photos courtesy Kevin Norris and Squeeze Pod

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5 Reasons to Rent a Luxury Holiday Home

For those who value the privacy and intimacy of a home-away-from-home, renting a luxury holiday getaway is perfect! These properties focus on seclusion and privacy and are a great alternative to hotels. This week we’re sharing five reasons to choose renting a home over going to a hotel.


Unlike a hotel where your privacy is only limited to your room, you have the whole house to yourself to enjoy. Take in the sunrises and sunsets by your own poolside. Enjoy family and friends without bothering anyone else. Some moments simply cannot be captured in a glossy magazine, and this is by far one of them.


The holiday travel market is competitive, and to stay relevant, properties must continually invest in improvements and upgrades. Large pools, Jacuzzis, barbeques and top-grade amenities are the norm.


In a luxury holiday home, you have the entire space to yourself. Enjoy the scenery, relax in your own garden or take advantage of a private beach. Most rentals are spacious with large king size rooms, plenty of social areas and grand terraces. Enjoy your holiday, and embrace the space!


Rental homes are almost always in the most beautiful locations and are designed to take advantage of the natural space around them. You can expect that some thought has gone into the architecture to incorporate the native landscape!


Tranquil and secluded, many private holiday homes are in areas away from major metropolitan cities. Enjoy an uninterrupted holiday far away from distractions.

Will you be renting a holiday home this year?

Sienna Gyngell is a freelance writer for Chapman Freeborn, she loves all things travel and luxury. An avid traveler and private charter enthusiast who aims to help others find luxury in the most spectacular of places.

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Traveling with Baby? Rent Your Gear with Partage!

Partage app

Holiday time is just around the corner, and I bet you just can’t wait to lug the car seat and stroller to the airport and through security. Well, if you’re traveling to San Francisco, Oakland or San Jose, you’re in luck! Partage, a San Francisco company, has created an app that lets you rent that bulky equipment right from your phone. Living in 2015 is great, right?

Partage app

Partage—an easy-to-use app—lets you rent high quality household items, like Britax car seats and UPPAbaby strollers, and have them delivered to you when and where you need them. Save time, hassle and money by having baby gear waiting for you at the airport or your hotel. And returning them is just as easy!

Partage app

Just download the app, select the items you’d like to rent, set the times and location you’d like to have them delivered and picked up and click “Partake.” Changes to your schedule? No problem! Communicate with your delivery person right through the app so there’s no confusion or missed connections. And if you live in the NoCal area, you can use Partage to rent many other items as well!

Download the app here by September 30, 2015, and get a $25 credit on your account courtesy of Poshbrood!

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Poshbrood Named Top Blog to Follow for 2nd Year!

We’re excited to announce that Poshbrood has been named one of the Top 25 Family Travel Blogs to Follow for the second year in a row! Thanks to your support, Flipkey for tripadvisor has included Poshbrood in their annual round-up of favorite family travel bloggers. Thanks, Flipkey!

Check out the full article here.

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Win a $20,000 Package to Boca Raton Resort & Club!

The Boca Raton Resort & Club is running an Instagram contest, and the prize is a luxurious 4-day, 3-night stay at the resort! Want to know how to enter? We’ve got the info!

Step 1: Follow @BocaResort and @WaldorfAstoria on Instagram.
Step 2: Upload to Instagram a photo of your “unforgettable South Florida luxury experience”.
Step 3: Use hashtags #UnforgettableBoca and #WaldorfMoment in the photo caption!

Don’t worry! If you don’t have Instagram, you can still enter. Click on the contest rules link for alternate instructions!

The prize is a Legends of Boca Experience for two valued at $20K, Highlights include:

- Roundtrip airfare
- Private, chauffeured airport transport in a Maserati Quattroporte
- 4 days, 3 nights in a luxurious suite
- A half-day with tennis legend Jimmy Connors. Play golf, tennis or just enjoy a leisurely lunch!
- Couples massage at the resort’s award-winning spa
- Dinners at Morimoto (prepared exclusively by Chef Takao Soejima,) Lucca and The Blue
- Cocktails at Bar Luna
- Private sunset cruise on a yacht, private personal shopping excursion to Boca’s fabulous boutiques and chauffeured transport throughout the stay
- Round of golf for two

...and so much more!

Entries will be accepted through Monday, September 7, 2015. Check out the rules here, and good luck!

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Refuge from the Cold

Summer is unfortunately coming to an end, and the cold autumn months are quickly approaching. When snow starts to fall and you’ve brought out the family’s coats, you’ll be wishing you could enjoy just a couple more warm days. Plan your escape in advance! If you plan your fall and winter trips now, you’ll find great deals impossible to find in the upcoming months. Here are a couple of affordable travel destinations to help you stretch your family’s summer break.

Sedona, Arizona

During the summer, you’d be crazy to vacation to Arizona, but in the winter the weather is perfect. Your family can enjoy amazing red rock wonders in Red Rock State Park, Oak Creek Canyon or the infamous Grand Canyon. The crowds are light, meaning reduced lodging prices and less traffic. Cozy cabins are available in scenic Oak Creek Canyon, where cooked-to-order meals, spa services and yoga classes will keep the whole family satisfied. There is no better time to visit Arizona!

Mazatlán, Mexico

Experience rocky or white-sand beaches, sprawling markets and an abundance of shrimp in a warm year-round climate. The temptation to never go home will become increasingly enticing after you visit the Cathedral Basilica, travel to the Stone Island and zip line through the treetops. A winter vacation to Mazatlán is one your family will never forget!

Key West, Florida

Notorious for amazing winter weather, Key West is the perfect East Coast getaway from the cold. The water is even pleasant enough for the kids to swim! Kayaking and snorkeling are memorable activities available year-round to make your break from the cold feel like summertime.

photo credit: Mac H (media601) via Flickr cc by-sa 2.0
photo credit: Wonderlane via Flickr cc by 2.0
photo credit: trvlto via Flickr cc by-sa 2.0

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Luxury Accommodations, Amazing View…Sheer Terror?

Skylodge Adventure Suites

Have you been considering glamping? Glamourous camping, complete with all the luxuries of a 5-star hotel, has been all the rage for the last few years, and we’ve been dying to try it! But Skylodge Adventure Suites has taken glamping a step further—by suspending luxury pods 1,312 feet in the air over the Urubamba Valley (the Sacred Valley of the Incas) in Peru. Not for the faint of heart, this experience should only be undertaken by the most adventurous travelers!

Skylodge Adventure Suites

There’s a little bit of effort required to get to your destination, but it’s worth it. To reach the pods, you need to either climb, hike or zipline your way there. When you arrive, there will be some wine waiting for mom and dad to kick back and enjoy while drinking in the amazing scenery. And after all that exercise, you’ll be able to fall asleep without thinking about how high up you are! Either way, you’ll wake up to some of the most amazing views in the world and a wonderful gourmet breakfast.

Skylodge Adventure Suites

Inside the surprisingly spacious pod, you’ll have a 300-degree view of the valley. Each pod is 24 feet long and 8 feet tall and is made of aerospace aluminum and weather resistant polycarbonate. Fine quality mattresses, cotton sheets, down pillows and quilts ensure you’ll spend a cozy evening staring at the sky. And with four beds, a dining area and a private bathroom, you’ll have plenty of room to move around!

Skylodge Adventure Suites

For those with safety concerns, each pod comes complete with a rooftop escape hatch allowing occupants to climb out onto a wooden platform attached to the side of the mountain.

Would your family consider cliff glamping?

photo credit: Nature Vive

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3 Fantastic Hotels You Won’t Believe!

Fairy Chimney Inn

Fairy Chimney Inn, Turkey

If you’ve ever dreamed of living in a fairy land, the Fairy Chimney Hotel in Turkey is just the place for you. Carved into the rock hundreds of years ago, the rooms are authentic and welcoming. Views look out onto the Goreme Valley or the hotel garden. The design keeps to the original local style with simple furniture and traditional textiles, but provides modern conveniences like heated floors, Turkish-style (Haman) bathrooms and, of course, wi-fi. Meals are served communally on the garden terrace.

Free Spirit Spheres

Free Spirit Spheres, Canada

These adult tree houses at Free Spirit Spheres on Vancouver Island use bio-mimicry to let you commune with nature without causing any damage to the forest. Spiral stairways and a short suspension bridge lead you up to your sphere, where you’ll find almost all the comforts of home. There are three styles of sphere, Eve, Eryn or Melody, each with its own style. Interiors are simple, but most have a sleeping area, small basic kitchen and seating. Restroom facilities are separate. The spheres rock gently with the wind, but are anchored to the trees in eight places with each one able to support the entire weight of the sphere.

Hotel Kakslauttanen

Hotel Kakslauttanen, Finland

Experience one of the best views of the northern lights from a warm and cozy glass igloo built for two at Hotel Kakslauttanen in Finland. Even if you don’t get the chance to see the lights, the thousands of stars in the sky is likely something you’ve rarely seen when you live in a populated, light-polluted area. Each igloo is made of frost-resistant thermo glass, so the inside stays warm and the glass stays clear. With a just a small bathroom and luxurious bed in each, you won’t want to stay in the glass igloos for more than a night or two, but hopefully those nights the northern lights will appear! The rest of the resort has many welcoming and equally cozy room and cabin choices for the rest of your stay!

Do you have an unusual hotel to add to the list? Let us know in the comments below!

Spirit Sphere Photo Courtesy of Kyle Greenberg via Flickr cc by 2.0

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Where Are YOU Headed for Labor Day?

Looking for a little last-minute Labor Day getaway? According to our sources, only 20% of you have reserved your travel plans. Don’t get caught in the eleventh-hour frenzy! Poshbrood has the inside scoop on some great rates at LaPlaya Golf & Beach Resort in Naples, Orlando World Center Marriott and Pelican Grand Beach Resort in Fort Lauderdale.

Orlando World Center Marriott

As the sun sets on summer, say yes to one last hurrah at the Orlando World Center Marriott. Towering above more than 200 prime, Central Florida acres, the Four-Diamond Orlando World Center Marriott offers experiences that are a “World Beyond Compare.” Still basking in the glow of an extensive multi-million dollar transformation, the resort now features one of the “world’s coolest hotel pools” according to Forbes. The Falls Pool Oasis has a new Slide Tower featuring two 200-foot winding waterslides and one 90-foot speed water slide, in addition to a Splash Zone offering kids a zero-entry pool and playground, as well as a Kid’s Activity Zone and Poolside Bar and Grill. Other on-property amenities include a championship golf course, Bill Madonna Golf Academy at Hawk’s Landing Golf Club, a full service spa and fitness center, as well as 10 tempting restaurants and lounges. Use promotional code HO9 for a great rate!

LaPlaya Beach & Golf Resort: Naples, Florida

As summer winds down, take advantage of the “Summer Getaway” package at the LaPlaya Beach & Golf Resort—the only true beachfront, boutique resort on Florida’s Gulf Coast. Situated on the sweeping white sands and gently lapping turquoise waters next to the picturesque Vanderbilt Bay, LaPlaya has posh and panache down. You’ll have no problem appreciating the Balinese-style spa, marble bathrooms and personalized beach butler service. With a coveted spot on the Condè Nast Traveler “Gold List,” as well as being ranked #12 on their “Best U.S. Resorts List,” enjoy your stylishly simple escape with crisp blue cabanas alongside four cascading rock-waterfall pools, beach fire-pits, a thatch-roof tiki bar, nightly sunset celebrations, ultra-exclusive David Leadbetter Golf Academy complete with the private 18-hole Bob Cupp golf course, exotic SpaTerre, delectable oceanside fine dining and “toes in the sand” dining at BALEEN, stunning “green flash” sunsets that you must see in person and more.

Pelican Grand Beach Resort: Fort Lauderdale, Florida

At Pelican Grand you can indulge in the laid-back pace of the final days of summer for as long as possible. Adorning 500 feet of Fort Lauderdale’s pristine beachfront, the newly enhanced Pelican Grand Beach Resort couples Old Florida grandeur with seaside elegance to offer a beach-chic waterfront retreat. Watching stunning sunrises from your private balconies, enjoy culinary creations at OCEAN2000 Restaurant & Lounge and float down Fort Lauderdale’s only lazy river. Pelican Grand gives beach lovers a spirited, yet sophisticated getaway in a sun-drenched destination of seaside cafes and picturesque waterways.

Where are you headed for Labor Day?

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Bahama Buddies at Abaco Beach Resort

Bahama Buddies

We just heard about the new Bahama Buddies children’s program at Abaco Beach Resort and Boat Harbour Marina, and we’re super excited! We love kid’s programs, but we’re especially intrigued by this one. In addition to staying busy fishing, snorkeling, conch diving and kayaking, kids get paired with a buddy from the local area. Designed for ages of 3-12, this experience presents a unique opportunity for your kids to learn about life in the Bahamas and share what life is like for them back home.

Bahama Buddies

Activities reflect authentic life on the island like catching, cleaning, and cooking fish and learning how to crack a conch. The demonstrations on how to debark and enjoy a coconut are especially popular—and yummy! Exploring the island by foot and bike is encouraged as is learning about local sea life through snorkeling excursions. After all that activity, kids finish out the program by trying their hand at creating some island crafts or practicing the traditional island dance, Junkanoo.

Bahama Buddies

Everyone loves souvenirs, and Bahama Buddies participants are no exception. Kids receive a Bahama Buddies T-shirt, souvenir and photo CD to remind them of their exciting cultural experience. But Bahama Buddies is really meant to build lasting friendships! Continuing the friendship after the vacation is over is encouraged with the Bahama Buddies Email Exchange.

Bahama Buddies

Abaco Beach Resort has tons of family activities as well. The Turtle Crawl offers one of the most amazing views of these majestic and protected animals in their natural surroundings and a visit to the mysterious Blue Holes of Abaco. On the Eco Tours, you’ll adventure by foot, on bicycle and by kayak on a cultural and historical journey through Marsh Harbour and Great Abaco Island. Explore Abaco’s six national parks, photograph the rare Abaco Parrot, search for the beautiful wild horses of Abaco and learn about the area’s heritage.

Photos courtesy of Abaco Beach Resort

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