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Family-Friendly Luxury at Greenwich Hotel in Tribeca

Mention The Greenwich Hotel in Tribeca and celebrities, romance, world-inspired décor and children—yes, children, come to mind. With accommodating rooms and lots to do both inside and outside, the Greenwich is one of NYC’s most family-friendly hotels. It’s also one of my fave hotels!

The under-12 set is welcomed with open arms and mindful amenities like homemade cookies with milk, stuffed animal and beautiful origami books. The hotel also offers fun ways to see the city whether on complimentary Shinola bikes for a ride along the Hudson followed by a picnic lunch, sailing in the harbor at sunset or mini-golf and beach volleyball at Hudson River Park. And, of course, the new Freedom Tower is only 10 minutes away, and Broadway is just a 15-minute car ride.

Or stay close to home and explore the Tribeca neighborhood. Stop by Color Me Mine to paint your own pottery, grab a bite to eat at Bubby’s Pie Company or peruse the beautiful handmade toys at Playing Mantis.

If you’re headed to NYC for the holidays, the Greenwich Hotel has you covered. Where better to relax after the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade? And Christmas is a wonder with a room that includes a live tree to decorate! With that much posh, how can you go wrong?

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A Quick Stop at the Sea Crest Beach Hotel

Sea Crest Family

For nine years my family of five has driven to Falmouth, then hopped on the Steamship Authority ferry to Martha’s Vineyard, all in one day. This year, we decided to do something different and spend the night at the Sea Crest Beach Hotel in Falmouth, MA, then take the ferry early the next day.

Sea Cres Roomst

We arrived, and the valet immediately hustled over to put my newborn’s pack n’ play on a cart, and to his credit, he even gave the boys a ride to the lobby! We were put in a room in one of the wings of the hotel that isn’t attached to the main building. I wasn’t in love with these detached rooms, because they felt more 1960’s motel than upscale beach inn. The nice part is that you can open the door and stroll right onto the beach (literally) and catch killer sunset views right from your balcony. The hotel has 263 rooms, and many have the option to open up a wall to accommodate larger travelling families. Each room has been recently renovated in a lovely beachy decor.

Sea Crest Beach Hotel

I loved the main part of the hotel which was once Henry Fonda and Jimmy Stewart’s summer theater. There is a Starbucks, which becomes an impromptu meeting place each morning, as well as Red’s Restaurant & Lounge. The restaurant boasts a cute takeout window for when kids (ahem) throw a major tantrum in the restaurant, and you have to take your meal outside.

Sea Crest Kids

The next morning we ate breakfast in the Ocean View room. The buffet was great, and the kids loved the made-to-order omelette station. When finished, we had to walk just five or ten feet out onto Old Silver Beach where lovely college kids set you up with an umbrella and chairs. The beach immediately struck me as special; the water was warm, and there was soft white sand that stretched a long way out, perfect for the under-five crowd. The boys enjoyed both playing volleyball with other visiting families, as well as taking part in the pirate adventure activities run by the cheerful employees at the hotel. Another nice thing about the hotel is that the employees seemed to really care that the guests were enjoying themselves. When I said “Good morning,” to one, he replied: “I really hope it is a good morning for you, after all you’re on vacation!”

Sea Crest Old Silver Beach

With prices into the $400’s during the high season, I recommend this hotel just on the shoulder of September, when they drop into the 200’s. The water will still be warm, and the food delicious! We were thrilled to visit the Sea Crest and the feasibility of driving five minutes down the road to get on the ferry to start our Martha’s Vineyard vacation can’t be topped.

Our guest poster this week is Kate Rockland. Kate lives in New Jersey with her husband and three unruly children. When she’s not making forts out of pillows or begging people to buy one of her two novels, she loves traveling through New England.

Find Kate here:

photos courtesy Kate Rockland and Sea Crest Beach Hotel

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5 Beautiful Dude Ranches You’ll Want to Live At

dude ranch

Whether you’re a committed fitness guru or looking for ways to keep your family active this summer, travel can often be an impediment to getting your sweat on. Fortunately, dude ranches are the original all-inclusive vacation destination where adventure and fitness go hand in hand. Featuring hiking, rock climbing, fitness centers, water sports and more, the Dude Ranchers’ Association (I didn’t even know there was such a thing!) has a host of out-of-the-box ideas for those seeking to stay active this summer.

dude ranch

Averill’s Flathead Lake Lodge

Guided Adventures at Averill’s Flathead Lake Lodge in Bigfork, MT offers a comprehensive lineup of outdoor excursions, ranging from fly-fishing to whitewater rafting. If you’re looking for something a little different, check out Northern Lights Laser Tag, the world’s most advanced laser tag with ranges of up to 20,000 feet (that’s three football fields in length!). You’ll find yourself climbing in trees, hiding behind boulders and even creating makeshift camouflage to bring home a win.

dude ranch

The Home Ranch

Experience Yoga and Horses at The Home Ranch in Clark, CO the ultimate girlfriend getaway in the beautiful Elk River Valley. Cowgirls of all ages are invited to join this all-inclusive, luxurious week of health, wellness and relaxation centered on horseback riding, yoga and deep relaxation on the Home Ranch property. Previous yoga and riding experience are not required to enjoy this retreat.

dude ranch

Horseshow Canyon Ranch

Rock Climbing at Horseshow Canyon Ranch in Jasper, AK is known in the climbing community as a top destination for experienced climbers and novices alike. With more than 300 routes on the property, on-site climbing guides will help you lace up your shoes for the first time or take your climbing to the next level.

dude ranch

Rancho de los Caballeros

Outdoor Adventures at Rancho de los Caballeros in Wickenburg, AR has the space and scenic location to enjoy your favorite sports activities – whether it’s tennis, swimming or perfecting your shooting skills. When you want to cover a lot of territory, hop in a Jeep, all-terrain vehicle or hot air balloon to experience the property in a completely new way.

dude ranch

Bonanza Creek Country Ranch

Cowgirl Retreats at Bonanza Creek Country Ranch in Martinsdale, MT are the perfect hybrid of empowering your mind and body. Your days will begin with a hearty breakfast, followed by a morning with the horses and an afternoon ride through the Montana countryside. Guests are encouraged to wind down with a massage or continue exploring on a hike or fishing excursion.

Have you ever been to a dude ranch? Did you love it? Share in the comments below!

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How to Have the Best Luxury Parisian Holiday

When you imagine traveling to Paris, boutiques, expensive wine and world class cuisine come to mind. The City of Love truly deserves the reputation as the most romantic city in the world and is the perfect city break whether you’re looking for a romantic escape or the art gallery and museum experience with the kids. If you’re planning on a Paris trip soon, then make sure to have your passport and, if you’re a European citizen, that you carry out a renewal of an EHIC. We want your trip to be hassle free, so we’ve put together a guide to a luxury Parisian holiday with all of the perks that only Paris can give you.

Accommodations in Paris

There’s a huge selection of luxury accommodation when it comes to your Parisian holiday. If you’re looking for boulevards, boutiques and brasseries, Paris will be the perfect place for you. Between its Gothic cathedrals, chic avenues and revolutionary spirit, there’s luxury accommodation to suit all budgets. With a range of 5-star palace hotels, you’ll find yourself in the lap of luxury in no time.

Parisian Cuisine

Gourmet cuisine is a phrase often associated with the French capital, and when it comes to Michelin-starred restaurants, Paris provides you with the best of the best. Whether you’re traveling with the whole brood or looking for a quick romantic getaway, there is suitable cuisine for all. Indulge in oysters and champagne, or try something a little more traditional like Gougère or Bœuf bourguignon, there will be plenty to tempt your taste buds.

Travel Gems in Paris

Jumping straight into beautiful Parisian culture is the best way to experience the capital city. The Centre Pompidou is the place for all things modern. The Musée d’Orsay is home to stunning collection of western art,  but of course the Musée du Louvre is the most well-known and is home to the world famous Mona Lisa. However, if you’re looking for chandeliers, marble and red satin for a glamourous night out, then the Palais Garnier is unrivaled with its iconic opera and ballet productions. Or for something different, try the beautiful Musee Carnavalet!

A photo posted by Paris Je t'aime (@parisjetaime) on

Paris Highlights

No trip to Paris would be complete without a trip up the Eiffel Tower to view the twinkling lights of the city below in one of the most beautiful settings in the world. Hop onto a river tour along the Seine, and admire the breathtaking views and architecture of the city at night while sipping on a glass of champagne. Definitely don’t miss stopping at the famous Champs Elysées to take part in the grandiose affair of shopping that has been at the heart of Parisian culture since the 19th Century. Whether you’re looking for classical chic, famous boutiques or street fashion, the vast array of shops in the center makes for one of the best shopping experiences you can dream of.

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5 Awesome Things to do on a Summer Trip to Iceland


Iceland is a little different than your typical summer beach holiday. Although the landscapes look worlds apart, Iceland is just a short flight from the UK, and with a bit of strategic shopping you might even find some good deals. So, on your next trip across the Atlantic, there’s really no excuse for skipping Iceland!

When you step off the plane, you’ll enter a land of ice and fire filled with rugged vistas and unique experiences. With a population of less than 400,000, crowds are one thing you won’t find in abundance here, making Iceland an ideal place for a tranquil escape. This week we’ve got five activities you definitely won’t want to miss in Iceland:

Thing #1: Experience the Capital

Reykjavík is small, but certainly not lacking in character. Summer is perhaps the best time to experience this city because the sun stays up for so long. Between the harbour and the old town, the museums and the galleries, there’s so much to see that you’ll be glad for the long days. While you’re there, set aside one night to go to the Solfar Sun Voyager sculpture and watch the midnight sunset.

Thing #2: Go Whale Watching

The waters around Iceland make it one of the best holiday destinations in the world for whale watching. In summer, over 20 different species inhabit the surrounding Atlantic and Arctic Ocean shores. So whether you’re in southerly Reykjavík, or Húsavík in the north, whale watching tours depart from all over the island. Keep your eyes peeled when you’re at sea—you might even spot dolphins, seals and sharks!

Blue Lagoon, Iceland  - August 2010 - Patrick Nouhailler  ©

Thing #3: Bathe in a Geothermal Spa

The Blue Lagoon is one of Iceland’s most alluring attractions. Located in the middle of a lava field, the hot waters here are said to have a healing and rejuvenating effect. The rising steam and striking volcanic backdrop combine to create an unforgettable experience, so make sure you check this one off your Iceland to-do list.

Thing #4: Visit the Gullfloss Waterfall

Gullfloss, or the Golden Falls, is one of the most stunning waterfalls in Europe, if not the world. The River Hvítá spills into a huge crevice with incredible force, and if you visit on a sunny day, the rainbows in the mist will take your breath away.

The falls are on Iceland’s Golden Circle tour route, so you can combine your visit with stops at Haukadalur.

Snæfellsjökull steinar

Thing #5: Snaefellsnes Peninsula

This peninsula is the best place to experience Iceland’s dramatic and varied scenery in a smaller space. Whether you travel by car or on foot, you’ll see mountains, cliffs, lava fields, and beaches. The area is also home to the Snæfellsjökull Glacier, which covers the top of an active volcano. You might recognize it as the pivotal location from the film, Journey to the Center of the Earth.

If you have time for a longer trip to Iceland, there is plenty more to see and do – or visit again in winter so see a different side to the island (and catch a glimpse of those elusive Northern Lights!).

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Ritz Kids Gets Active

Exciting news from the Ritz-Carlton Orlando, Grande Lakes! They’re rolling out a brand-new Ritz Kids interactive experience this summer, and we’ve got the deets you need right here! Grande Lakes is the first Ritz-Carlton to offer a physical space to bring the hotel’s scenography to life, and the refreshed Ritz Kids space and programming offers children the opportunity to become fully immersed in Florida’s rich history and biodiversity.

In this new experience, Ritz Kids continues its partnership with Jean-Michel Cousteau’s Ocean Futures Society inviting little ones to discover adventure and exploration through four pillars: water, land, environmental responsibility and culture. The journey starts at check-in, when kids embark on their adventure to learn more about the unexpected history of central Florida and the footprints it has left on the region through a variety of experiences against the backdrop of a reimagined trading outpost, characteristic of early Orlando pioneer life.

The focal point of the Ritz Kids space is the re-creation of a “Frontier Farmhouse,” as inspired by the traditional Florida frontier house, once the residence of ranchers who flocked to central Florida to explore the state’s vast, barren land for roaming cattle, ample water supply and sunshine. Elements of these structures have been incorporated into the design, whose defining characteristic was a breezeway passing through the center of the house, serving as a natural air conditioner.

The Everglades

Positioned at the headwaters of the Florida Everglades, the resort offers families the chance to experience a taste of Old Florida. Orlando may have evolved into a bustling metropolis, but the Everglades remain an unparalleled landscape and the “largest subtropical wilderness” in the United States. Underscoring the commitment to the two pillars of water and environmental responsibility, the main play area features a special carpet made from recycled fishing nets whose pattern mimics a bird’s-eye view of The Everglades. Ritz Kids teaches children more about this natural region of tropical wetlands located right in the hotel’s backyard.

The Swamp

“The Swamp” isn’t as scary as it sounds! This is where many of the friendly Ritz Kids critters call home.  A number of educational and interactive opportunities await from the moment children enter the space, including discovering the resort’s very own Cypress Tree, a hallmark of the swamplands and type of tree that has been growing in the state for more than 6,500 years.

Kids can get up close and personal with a variety of new additions to the Ritz Kids menagerie as part of the upgrade. In addition to meeting sirens and anoles, children have the opportunity to learn about the impact these creatures have on the Florida ecosystem.

The Green Thumbs Garden

“The Green Thumbs Garden” pays homage to Central Florida’s agricultural history and invites budding botanists to plant their own Grande Lakes roots. Kids can immerse themselves in nature here, using planters made from repurposed pallets to examine the world of edible seeds and nuts and learn how humans, animals and plants benefit from them.

Grande Lakes Orlando has launched a collaboration with a local non-profit organization striving to educate others about Florida’s wildlife and habitats and promote conservation and the great outdoors while providing for animals in need. As part of the partnership, Grande Lakes is providing a safe haven for animals that have been rehabilitated after sustaining injuries by releasing them back to their natural habitat on the resort grounds.

In addition to the new Ritz Kids program, guests of The Ritz-Carlton and JW Marriott hotels can take advantage of the many other family activities offered at Grande Lakes Orlando including fishing opportunities from the shore and guided excursions to the private waters of Shingle Pond. There is also an interactive catch and release program as part of a collaboration with the Florida Wildlife Commission that transforms a typical day of fishing into a research adventure to determine why certain types of largemouth bass grow faster than others. Other outdoor excursions include two-hour guided Eco-Tours through Shingle Creek and birdhouse building while bird watching.

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The Big, Friendly BFG Summer Celebrations!

Do you love the BFG as much as we do? YES! We were already super excited for The BFG movie that opens TODAY in the United States. Then we found out that there are loads of BFG activities taking place throughout Great Britain all summer long to celebrate not only the release of the movie, but also the 100th anniversary of Roald Dahl’s birth. Book us a ticket, we’re so there!

The film, directed by Steven Spielberg and based on the book by Cardiff-born author Roald Dahl, was filmed at locations across Britain including Blenheim Palace, London, the Isle of Skye and Bamburgh Beach in Northumberland. You can visit all those places and participate in all the exciting events celebrating both the movie and Roald Dahl’s September 13th birthday. Check them out below!

London & Partners’ Dream Jar Trail in London

This summer the streets of London will be transformed by magical giant dream jars containing the dreams of celebrities and top artists such as Steven Spielberg, Sophie Dahl, Quentin Blake, Nadiya Hussain of Bake Off fame, Paralympian David Weir, Game of Thrones’ Maisie Williams and Arsenal Football Club. Find out more here!

Cardiff: City of the Unexpected

Cardiff: City of the Unexpected is a birthday weekend celebration taking place September 17th and 18th. To mark his centenary and to give thanks for the legacy he created, this will be a totally surprising celebration of the man, his characters and his stories. The Welsh capital will become a place where reality is turned on its head, and where the laws of physics, logic and the predictable will give way to magic, fun, invention and the surreal, as if Roald Dahl himself is at the helm.

Don’t miss out on any of these fun events either!

• A full year of celebrations at The Roald Dahl Estate in Great Missenden;
Roald Dahl’s Tremendous Adventures at Tatton Park; and
The BFG in Pictures at the House of Illustration, London.

It’s going to be the biggest, friendliest celebration ever!

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At Gleneagles Hotel, You’ll Never Want to Come Inside!


Now is a great time for a visit to Scotland! We love the Gleneagles Hotel—a 5-star Scotland resort on 850 acres of Perthshire countryside. Just one hour from Edinburgh and Glasgow, Gleneagles is home to three championship golf courses, including The PGA Centenary Course, Host Venue for the 2014 Ryder Cup, more than 20 outdoor activities, an award-winning Spa by ESPA and four restaurants including Scotland’s only two Michelin-starred restaurant, Andrew Fairlie. Gleneagles recently announced a property-wide redesign that will preserve the iconic resort’s rich history and character while debuting chic guest rooms, stylish public areas, a new bar at Dormy Clubhouse and a revamp to the main bar.


From learning the art of Falconry and clay shooting to playing a round of golf on a championship course and relaxing in the award-winning spa, every member of the family will enjoy exploring the 800-acre luxury resort. From June 25 – September 4, there are daily summer adventures for everyone! Pitch ‘n’ putt, country pursuits, pony caregiving and Segway tours are just the beginning!

Children’s Country Sports Passport

Through the Children’s Country Sports Passport, Gleneagles provides world-class sporting schools for kids who want the ultimate educational outdoor experience. Local experts teach the art of falconry, clay shooting and archery as well as gundog training, fishing and junior off-road driving in mini Land Rovers through hands-on instruction.


The Chance to Own Your Own Pony

It’s every kid’s dream to own their own pony! Under the watchful eye of Gleneagles’ equestrian experts, you can learn how to properly care for Scotland’s indigenous Shetland ponies. Before a riding lesson, kids six and up can groom, cuddle and tend to the pony’s stable.

Take a Segway Tour!

Have some family fun time exploring the grounds on a Segway tour! The 45-minute guided tour is a fun way to get around and allows access to places not easily accessible by car.


Pitch & Putt

If you’re kids are interested in golf, why not have them experience the game where it first got its start? For those not quite ready to take to the courses, our nine hole Pitch & Putt  is great fun for all ages and abilities. An 11-acre championship practice ground, as well as several putting greens ensure you never have to go far to hit a few balls!


Looking for a savings this summer? The hotel is offering the “Save on Seven” package that includes:

- Legendary Gleneagles breakfast at The Strathearn
- Full use of the club facilities
- Valid now through September 30
- Rates start at £2,075 for seven nights, based on two people in a Sovereign room

Hope to see you there!

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We’re Crazy for Camping!

Starlite Camping Resort

We’re heading into the last weekend of Camping Month! Didn’t get to go camping (or glamping!) yet? Don’t fret, there’s still plenty of time in the summer! If you’re looking for a place where the kids can experience a little bit of “roughing it,” but you still get comfort, fun and entertainment, Starlite Camping Resort in Lancaster County, PA is a great choice.

Starlite Camping Resort

Comfy Accommodations

Choose between a private, wooded campsite or a more open site with panoramic views. All the sites are comfortably-sized with electric and water hook-ups. The property offers swimming, playgrounds, tennis, basketball and volleyball courts, a baseball diamond, pretty fantastic mini-golf, hiking trails, an arcade and an air-conditioned rec hall. There’s also three bathhouses, two laundries and a well-stocked camp store in case you forgot anything…or you’d just like to treat yourself with some hand-dipped ice cream!

Starlite Camping Resort

Activities for Everyone!

Hang out by the campfire, cool off at the swimming pool or participate in the many and varied activities offered by campground staff. Almost every weekend has a theme like Vintage Camper and Car Weekend, Woodsmen Weekend and Quiet Camping Weekend (no talking, just texting aaaallll weekend long. It’s a tween dream come true.) Even when there’s not a theme, there’s tons to do for all ages. Country line dancing, ball games, ice cream socials, karaoke, chicken barbeque, Sunday morning breakfasts, movies and old-school hayrides are just a few of the regular activities offered.

With all the choices at Starlite, you probably won’t want to leave. But if you do want to get out and about, the Lancaster area won’t let you down! Learn about the Amish culture, visit the home of our 15th president, check out the country’s oldest continuously operating farmer’s market for some authentic whoopie pies or do some tax-free shopping. If you come on the right weekend, you might even get to see a mud sale!

What’s your favorite camping adventure?

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How to Survive in Europe with Kids

With summer fast approaching, vacation time is almost here! Now is the time to start organizing those last-minute details still on your to-do list. If you’re headed to Europe—whether to a sunny beach holiday in Italy, a city break in Germany or a sweet cottage in the UK, there are fundamentals that need to be arranged. We’ve got a handy guide for all the must-haves you need to remember!

Document Wallet

This is one of the most important pieces that needs to be organized and packed. Make sure your passports are valid, health insurance that will cover you nationally is in place (or if you’re a resident of EEA that your EHIC’s renewed), bookings are confirmed, travel insurance purchased and any other important travel documents you may need. Phones are convenient for showing boarding passes, but you should actually print and store these important papers in a plastic wallet or a folder.

Combating Motion Sickness

When you’re traveling with children you need to be prepared for anything, so even if your child doesn’t have a history of motion sickness it’s better to be safe than sorry! Talk you’re your doctor before you head out and find out what medications or remedies are suitable for your child!

First Aid Kit

Kids are always getting grazes and scrapes, and unfortuantely that doesn’t stop just because you’re on vacation! A comprehensive travel first aid kit will be great for your peace of mind and can be purchased online. Don’t forget the lollipops!


Children get bored easily, so pack lots of activities. Coloring books, puzzles and other fun activities will keep them occupied during the long hours moving from place toplace. Movies and games are great, just make sure your chargers are easy to access!

Essential Toiletries

Medications, wet naps, hand sanitizer, diapers and yummy snacks are crucial to making your vacation as drama-free as possible. Another must-have item is sun block. Apply liberally and often to avoid painful sunburns.
Have a great summer vacation everyone!

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How to Keep up your Mindfulness Even When Traveling

When wellness and mindfulness are part of your daily routine, we know you don’t want to miss out just because you’re traveling. Morgans Hotel Group knows this too and has launched exciting new programs at their hotels in Miami, New York, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Francisco, London and Istanbul.


Colorful Creativity

Right on trend as always, Morgans Hotel Group has put together a mindful coloring book for adults featuring each of its hotels’ iconic design elements. Coloring is believed to contribute to wellness and mindfulness—just like meditation—so it’s great for de-stressing and sparking creativity. With gorgeous illustraions by talented artist Peter Arkle, these coloring books will help you relax into a state of quiet contemplation. You’ll be transported to the iconic Delano South Beach pool on one page, the ornate stained glass staircase at Sanderson London on another and then to the vibrant library of Hudson New York.

Mindfulness Everywhere

Morgans Hotel Group has also partnered with Mindfulness Everywhere to offer guests who book rooms in special suite categories and above a complimentary download of its extremely popular buddhify app (while supplies last). The app provides access to buddhify’s more than 80 meditations for various moods and provides guidance while monitoring users’ progress. And when you stay at one of their participating hotels you’ll also receive in-room Mindfulness Cards with meditations and relaxation tips for travelers, created exclusively for Morgans Hotel Group by buddhify Founder Rohan Gunatillake - as well as a link to access complimentary mp3 meditation guides.

Wellness Around the World

Here’s what happening on the wellness front in their properties around the world!

Namaste New York: Hudson, Morgans and Royalton are partnering with wellness concierge group Namaste New York to deliver on–site massage therapy, yoga, personal training, Pilates and meditation sessions that can be done without equipment and in a small space.
Run Club and Agua Spa:  In collaboration with Alton Sports, Mondrian South Beach’s 5K “Mondrian Run Club” kicks off each Wednesday at 6pm. The run begins at Alton’s Sports on Alton Road and concludes at Mondrian South Beach. And, through April, agua spa at Mondrian is offering specialized green tea treatments that will enhance the function of your mind, body and soul.
Detox & Retox: Through May 26, Mondrian Los Angeles is offering registered guests a package to detox with healthy food options like fresh juices, crudité and hummus platters, then “retox” with preferred seating for two and two cocktails at Skybar from 11 AM - 3 PM. You’ll also get complimentary Mondrian headphones and an in-store 15% discount on Lifehouse tonics & elixirs!

Las Vegas, Mondrian London, Sanderson London, St. Martin’s Lane and 10 Karaköy Istanbul all have their own programs too!

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Visit the Shenandoah Valley with Bucket

Shenandoah Valley

Seems like there really is an app for everything these days! This year, the Shenandoah Valley in Virginia has gotten in on the fun in a great way. Go Blue Ridge Travel’s friendly snail mascot, Bucket, is ready to welcome your family to her interactive adventure game taking place this summer. Bucket’s Buddy Adventures is an educational, competitive and inclusive way to explore creativity, wellness, fitness and family heritages as you learn about Piedmont and the Shenandoah Valley.

Shenandoah Valley

Sign up through the website here, and plan your trip. When you arrive at the first location, check in on Facebook or Instagram. Then the phone goes away for that location! At each new stop, your goal is to figure out the magic word. The registration desk will give you the details on how, as the game is different each place. Work as a team, figure out the word, and you’ll earn a prize. Keep track of your progress on the app.

Shenandoah ValleyShenandoah Valley

Locations are divided by the themes of creativity, wellness, fitness and family heritages. Buddy and his snail friends represent different personality types and will guide you through each theme. Bucket likes outdoor adventure while Shenny is into creativity. Fungi loves food and wellness, and Ridge is into technology and digs history. Even though they’re all different, they’re all friends!

Shenandoah Valley

Each theme has five activities you can complete over a few weeks if you live in the area, or in one trip if you’re just visiting. Check out the Explore More Discovery Museum or the Museum of the Shenandoah Valley. Visit Great Country Farms, the Cedar Creek Battlefield and take in a movie at the Family Drive-In. Hike to the top of the mountain at Bryce Resort for some outdoor activity! You’ll have opportunities to learn and have fun throughout the entire adventure. Grand prize is a weekend for four planned by Bucket. Sounds like a great time for everyone!

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How to Visit 8 Fabulous Countries in 24 Luxury-Filled Days

Where do you go when you’ve been everywhere? Having spent a lifetime traveling the world, Geoffrey Kent, founder of Abercrombie & Kent, is always looking for new places to adventure. This insatiable curiosity led him to design an exclusive journey by private jet: Around the World With Geoffrey Kent: An Inspiring Expedition. For this Oct 1-24, 2017 trip, 50 guests can join him on a globe-spanning journey from tropical French Polynesia to Iceland, the land of the northern lights, aboard an exclusively-chartered jet!

Fly directly from Los Angeles to Lanai, Hawaii, to explore a marine preserve perched atop a rugged red-lava cliff overlooking a white-sand beach. In tropical French Polynesia, snorkel above brilliant coral reefs, observe black-tip sharks or explore a vanilla plantation by ATV. In Tasmania, visit the Museum of Old and New Art (MONA), fly by helicopter to the Forestier Peninsula, plentiful with wildlife including the Tasmanian devil, then immerse yourself in Australia’s colorful history with an in-depth visit to former convict sites. Explore the rainforests of Borneo, alongside a leading wildlife photographer, to search for the Man of the Forest, the seldom-seen orangutan. Climb up to Bhutan’s breathtaking Tigers’ Nest Monastery and see Mount Everest on a thrilling helicopter flight.  Enjoy a cognac tasting at a distillery in Armenia, and attend a private ballet performance including the famous Saber Dance. In Iceland, ride a snowmobile across the surface of a glacier, hit the trails on a five-gaited Icelandic horse or take a helicopter to the Langjokull Glacier to explore man-made tunnels carved deep into the blue glacial ice.

Private jet travel with Abercrombie & Kent allows for a more authentic and intimate journey, filled with exclusive, invitation-only events, such as a meeting with local dignitaries in Bhutan to learn about “Gross National Happiness,” the country’s unique governing philosophy, and a private backstage tour of the Harpa Music Hall in Reykjavik—all arranged exclusively for A&K guests. Throughout the trip, you’ll have an experienced Tour Director handling all the arrangements and a professional photographer capturing all your special moments!

On the ground, you’ll divide into smaller parties of about 16 with a Tour Manager and local guides who lend insight and expertise. You’ll stay at carefully chosen properties that embody authentic hospitality at every stop on the journey. They may be historic hotels, lavish resorts or eco-friendly lodges, but all offer a distinctive sense of place, gracious hospitality and inspiring views. The group will have exclusive use of several properties, including Le Taha’a Resort in French Polynesia.

Fine Dining & Entertainment

What about the eats? Meals are more than just a chance to dine at the end of the day! They are a complete feast for the senses with local entertainment and stunning natural backdrops. Sample fresh cheeses from an artisan cheesemaker in Tasmania and learn the art of breadmaking in Armenia at a special ceremony. A&K’s Executive Chef travels with the group, partnering with local chefs to select fresh ingredients and pair local wines, and sometimes commandeers an entire kitchen to deliver top-notch dining in even the most remote locales.

Luxury in the Air

Travel by private jet allows guests to experience far more with greater comfort and ease than a conventional itinerary. While on board, you’ll enjoy a fully stocked, open bar featuring top-shelf wine and spirits, personalized, first-class meal service and even espresso drinks. Completing this best-in-class in-flight experience is a dedicated cabin crew providing a crew-to-guest ratio of 1:8. All of A&K’s private jet journeys feature a privately chartered Icelandair Boeing 757-200ER with 50 custom-designed Italian leather seats equipped with a personal massage system, 4-way adjustable headrests and lumbar support and a fully lie-flat bed.

Contact Abercrombie & Kent here to reserve your spot!

All images courtesy of Abercrombie & Kent

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What’s New at Atlantis Resort?

What’s new for summer 2016 at Atlantis Resort, Paradise Island? Atlantis’ bucket-list kids activities is! From the enormous Aquaventure waterpark and the world’s largest open-air marine habitat to swimming with the dolphins and a high-tech Kids Club, Atlantis Resort, Paradise Island is a family paradise.

Parents Magazine designs Kids Menu

Atlantis has partnered with Parents Magazine to create an all-new, exclusive Kids Menu at its family-favorite Marina Village restaurant, Bimini Road. The menu that just launched in May is super fun and nutritious and does not include the usual go-to’s like nuggets and fries.

New Eats

Poseidon’s Table and Platos’ are all-new renovated dining outlets at the heart of the resort in the Royal Towers. Designed by Jeffrey Beers, Poseidon’s Table brings a more upscale, naturally lit buffet experience to families throughout the day while Plato’s offers excellent coffee and grab & go food. Of course, there’s also favorites Seagrapes, casual dining with live cooking stations, and Carmine’s, casual family-style Italian dining.

Cartoon Network is back!

Cartoon Network is back at Atlantis June 20 - August 21 with all-new programming. They’re featuring a “dive in” movie theater, huge obstacle course with Powerpuff Girls and We Bare Bears challenge and special cartoon network-inspired activities in the kids club.

Keep track of the kids

Atlantis just debuted an all-new mobile app which allows families to track down their loved ones and keep an “eye” on their kids throughout the resort using GPS tracking. A guest chat function allows kids to connect and guests can request baby cribs, extra towels, pool tools, and more from Atlantis on-demand.

The magic of Rob Lake

Back by popular demand, Rob Lake, International Magician of the Year, is performing at Atlantis nearly nightly all summer long. His Vegas-quality performance is in the state-of-the-art Atlantis Theater and perfect for all ages.

Images courtesy Atlantis, Paradise Island

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Let’s Celebrate International Glamping Weekend!

The Resort at Paws Up

Did you know this weekend is International Glamping Weekend? That’s right, it’s time for the annual celebration dedicated to glamorous camping around the world. Our good friends at Montana’s premier luxury ranch resort, The Resort at Paws Up, boasts a variety of safari-style tented accommodations that create the perfect setting to enjoy the weekend—in the great outdoors and with all the comforts of a five-star destination. The festivities continue throughout June, because it’s national camping month!

The Resort at Paws Up

Why ‘Glamping?’

In 2005, Paws Up mashed up the words ‘glamorous’ and ‘camping’ to properly describe their revolutionary luxury camping experience. And suddenly, the glamping concept was born! Glampers can now choose to stay in any of the five gorgeous tented camps on Paws Up’s 37,000 acres, including the newest and most luxurious addition,Cliffside Camp. In Cliffside Camp, you’ll be treated to stunning vistas of the Blackfoot River from a private outdoor deck, en suite bathrooms with heated floors, heavenly down comforters on The Last Best Bed™, rustic chic interior décor and a private camp butler. Sign us up now!

The Resort at Paws Up

The Resort at Paws Up also offers an extensive menu of wilderness adventures for guests to enjoy, including the brand-new ropes course, The Sky Line Aerial Adventure Course. This challenging activity features ten climbing platforms, several 22-foot drops and a 40-foot free fall option. Of course, all your favorite Paws Up activities are still around. There’s ATV tours, an authentic cattle drive, Blackfoot River floats, canoeing, guided fly-fishing tours, guided hikes, horseback riding, hot air ballooning, rappelling, spa services, sporting clays and more.

The Resort at Paws Up

Check out their 2016 Program of Events, and make your reservations!

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