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Fab Friday: For the world wanderers

J.R.R. Tolkien said it right.

Loving your answers about your favorite shoe to stay cute but stay on your feet while you travel:

Our featured traveler this week is Makeda Saggau-Sackey! Gorgous. Cultured. Fashionable. I mean… the ultimate travel package! Check her out and subscribe to Glamazon Diaries.

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Posted by Elizabeth on 10/11 at 11:19 AM


Poshbrood Featured Traveler: Makeda Saggau-Sackey

Meet Makeda Saggau-Sackey! She is a social media and blogging guru and our featured traveler this week!


Accra, Ghana

Current city:

New York City



How often do you travel?

I often travel out of NYC a few times a month up and down the East Coast often.

What is your favorite airline and why?

I love Delta and Virgin Atlantic. Delta has just been a go to airline for my family and they do a great job of accommodating me, especially for overseas flights. Virgin Atlantic is just a fun airline that does a great job of making me feel at ease when I fly. I love the roomy interior of their planes plus the in-seat entertainment is killer.  Even for short flights.

Aisle or window seat?

Window all the way.  I am always in awe when we’re high in the clouds.  To be off the ground and suspended in the clouds for a few hours is just surreal.

How many countries have you been to?

I have been to four countries. Ghana, UK, Germany and France.

What was your worst travel experience?

I have been lucky enough not to have experienced awful travel, however, I took a Bolt Bus to Washington, DC from New York last summer that reeked of urine for four hours. 

Favorite US city:

New York City baby!

Favorite foreign city:

It’s a split between London and Paris.  London because I think I was British in my former life.  Paris for the shopping, cuisine and air of romance.

Favorite American hotel:

The Surrey in New York City.

Favorite beach:

Ocracoke Island in the Outer Banks is hands down my favorite beach. It’s very quaint and relaxing.

Favorite island destination:

see above

Favorite Posh restaurant:

Daniel in New York City for it’s fantastic French cuisine. Daniel Boulud is a genius!

Favorite restaurant where kids are welcomed:

Sarabeth’s! I’ve seen Brooke Shields do brunch with her family at the Upper East Side location.

Best vacation you’ve ever had for romance, family/kids, or girlfriend getaways:

Romance: Point Breeze B&B in St. Michael’s Island, MD.
Family/Kids: Virginia Beach
Girlfriend Getaway:  South Beach, Florida

Favorite movies:

Knocked Up, Beauty & The Beast, X-Men First Class, Zoolander, Beaches,

Favorite books:

Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn, The Prohphet by Khalil Gibran, The Bluest Eye by Toni Morrison

What are your 5- Must have travel items?

Von Vonni Transformer Dress—It doesn’t wrinkle and I can wear it in over 15 styles so I can go from the airport to dinner without changing.
Tory Burch Flats—They are versatile and can be dressed up or down. I usually put in some Dr. Scholl’s for me cushioning.
Urban Ears headphones—These block out outside noise and help me relax and listen to music or watch Netflix movies.
DKNY Cozy to bundle up in flight
Coach Bleecker Leather Cabin Bag—It’s big enough to fit everything I need for a weekend or weeklong trip.

What’s your go-to travel outfit?

I have two:
The first is my Von Vonni transformer dress with Tory Burch ballet flats, DKNY cozy and pearl earrings
The second is my Spanx leggings, plain v-neck tshirt, Tory Burch flats, long gold necklace and a fedora

Favorite apps for travel and entertainment:

Hopstop, Foursquare, Netflix, Gilt Groupe (shopping is entertainment), Smule Magic Piano, Twitter, Instagram, Uber

What’s on the top of your bucket list?

Live in London for a year
Live in Paris for a year
Get a Vogue feature
A month excursion in Spain
A clothing collaboration with one of my favorite brands

Favorite travel websites:

Departures, Conde Nast Traveler

Best travel tips:

Google is your best friend. Make sure you know what’s around and come up with a rough itinerary so you aren’t twiddling your thumbs when you get to your destination.
Make sure to pack your essential medication, especially if you have allergies (I’m allergic to nuts and avocado so I make sure to pack my Benadryl, Prednisone and epipen.)
Make sure to carry cash for cabs. Some cities don’t take credit cards in their cabs so always have some handy.

Where are you off to next?

I am going to London for fashion week and then a week of rest and relaxation with my friend in Charleston, SC and Beaufort, SC

Posted by Elizabeth on 10/08 at 10:20 AM


Fab Friday: October Sky

Rabbit! Rabbit! Rabbit! Happy October! Be cautious when you head to the store for the fresh Christmas trees that will be on display. Yep. That’s how you know it’s October. Ridic.

Fab Links:

Our editorial manager shared her experience driving the Sea to Sky Highway in British Columbia. Totes amaze!

You know you’ve been there:

Who do you like to fly with?

Fab Tweets

photo credit: In2ShФФT via photopin cc

Posted by Elizabeth on 10/04 at 08:30 AM


Sea To Sky Highway: The Best Way to See British Columbia

My boyfriend and I decided we wanted to make a quick visit to Vancouver during the last couple days of our Pacific Northwest road trip this month. I’ve never been and really haven’t seen much of Canada either (not sure Windsor counts when you never leave the casino).

Well, on our trip we visited Powell’s Bookstore in Portland (a MUST for you bookworms like me) and found the most amazing road trip book from Lonely Planet: The Pacific Northwest’s Best Trips; 33 Amazing Road Trips.

This is where we learned about the Sea To Sky Highway which starts in Vancouver and 80 miles later lands you in Whistler. With promises of forests, waterfalls and mountains all in one quick drive, there was no way we were going to miss out on this.

So we arrived in Vancouver and started at Horseshoe Bay. It was a perfect place to hang out for a few, take in the scenery and really start to embrace the beautiful sights. We went to an amazing fish and chips place that we found on Yelp, C Lovers, where my boyfriend said he had the fried pickles of his life. We were just blown away by the mountains and hovering clouds. When you have the most epic view from the patio, it’s hard to remember how the fish actually was but I remember being very pleased.

We started driving the highway and as we were looking for our second stop on the “tour” the mountains towered and seemed to get more impressive (remember I’m from the midwest so change in elevation is crazy in my mind), Waterfalls would pop up randomly, pouring out of the rocky wall on the other side of our car. It was just gorgeous. And we were only 20 minutes into the drive.

We arrived to Porteau Cove Provincial Park where we took million pictures. There were divers checking out the reefs and marine life, a couple having a picnic on the rocks, and the most gorgeous views of the Howe Sound. It was breathtaking.

We spent so much time here, we had to pass up a stop at Brittania Beach (really cool mine museum there if you were ever a fan of X-Files, Smallville, Dark Angel or Insomnia—shows that have frequented this site.) so we could get to Shannon Falls—a highlight of the drive.

The first waterfall we got to pull over and admire did not disappoint. And for the teens out there who are Twilight fans, Shannon Falls were actually featured in Breaking Dawn. That made me feel cool because I happen to have seen that movie (and none of the others… because that’s what happens when you’re hanging out with younger cousins at the mall!)

Next stop was Brackendale which is home to the largest populartions of wintering bald eagles in North America. It wasn’t quite wintering season yet though so we didn’t see any, but of course another gorgeous view!

More quick stops at Alice Lake, Brohm Lake, and Tantalus Lookout. Stunning. I mean, I have no more descriptive words for the mountains at this point.

And the the mother of all stops came: Brandywine Falls Provincial Park. The most beautiful waterfall of all. The water is coming from a volcanic escarpment and plunges 230 feet straight down into a gorgeous pool! I mean, there are no words. Only pictures.

We got to Whistler and had an amazing evening in another beautiful BC city. It was the perfect way to round out the Sea To Sky Highway road trip. If you’re ever in the Pacific Northwest and have a couple days to spare, I highly recommend this drive. Definitely check out the book for all the fun details about your drive so you don’t miss anything! Without this book, we would not have seen all the hidden treasures that we did.

Best part of our trip, hands down!

About the Author: Amy Schmittauer is editorial manager for Poshbrood and the Founder & Face of where she video blogs about the marketing lifestyle. She loves to travel for work and play, and is “mom” to Lucy the beagle.

Posted by Elizabeth on 09/30 at 10:00 AM


Fab Friday: Are you a traveler or a tourist?

Happy Fab Friday! Is that photo gorge or what?! It’s a sneak peak of a fun blog review coming on Monday. Can you guess where the photo was taken in the meantime?

Fab Links:

Did you hear?! Le Royal Monceau introduced a fabulous kids program! Hello. Tickets to Paris, s’il vous plaît!
Meaghan shared her story of following Elizabeth’s advice to have her friend’s bachelorette party in Palm Springs! Girls… they wanna have fu-un!
We love this article from R29 of splurge-worthy restaurants in NYC. Should you find yourself in the city, keep this list handy!
We are loving this quote from G.K. Chesterson. What do you think?

Fab Tweets:

Posted by Elizabeth on 09/27 at 10:00 AM


Bachelorettes Find Success in Palm Springs

Planning a bachelorette party can be daunting, no doubt about it.  You want to be mindful of and respect everyone’s preferences: likes, dislikes, gluten-free girls, meat-loving girls, drinkers, and veggers, and no matter what, making sure the bride has the time of her life.  I have to admit, I am the first to volunteer for the job of organizer, and the first to complain about said organizing.  But for some reason, I keep coming back to the task.  And it just might be because of the incredibly easy and painless planning I recently had while taking on a Palm Springs bachelorette party for my dear friend, Leda.

When you’re looking for a place to house a large group of girls, that can tick every box of: sun, fun, poolside lounging, indoor/outdoor living, you really need not look further than Palm Springs.  I thought about going the hotel route.  I searched high and low for places that could accommodate us and gave us the most bang for our buck.  I always came up short.  While doing some research on, I came across Elizabeth’s incredibly chic bachelorette party she hosted in Palm Springs for her sister, Nell.  Bingo.  I had to find a way to replicate the gorgeousness she found! 


After countless searches, I found the answer that would await 8 sun-hungry and Rosé-loving ladies:  The house had it all: indoor/outdoor living, an inviting pool with a built-in fog machine (hello Jay-Z music video) and hot tub perfect for happy hour lounging.  That wasn’t the only water feature - the house came with misters that would cool you while laying out to make you feel most comfortable. 


The kitchen was breathtaking.  One girl mentioned the kitchen counter was so large, we could do a slip-n-slide across it (we only talked about that, never actually did it).  We cooked every meal at the home and enjoyed it around the outside dinner table.  Between cooking grilled chicken on the outside luxe grill to preparing delicious pastas inside, this house had it all. 
Each bedroom in this home was inviting, had more than enough space, and the beds were beyond comfortable.  It was hard to drag our bride out of bed some mornings! 

Every attention to detail was made in this incredible vacation home.  Both the owner, Bill Gaul, and his property manager, were beyond accommodating to our group.  They made us feel warm and welcome in their home and helped us with anything we needed from knowing the best restaurants to hit in town to alerting us to when the pool maintenance man would arrive. 


There really is no better place to go for a bachelorette party, and no better way to spend it than in a gorgeous home like this one. 

Visit to learn more about the home and how you can spend a fun weekend away here too!

About the Author: Meaghan Curcio is the Public Relations Director at Beautycounter, in Los Angeles. Prior to living and loving the California life, she worked in the Public Relations department at J.Crew & Madewell. Meaghan loves traveling with her girlfriends, but even more with her husband, Tim, and baby boy, Clive.

Posted by Elizabeth on 09/24 at 03:09 PM


Le Royal Monceau Introduces Kids Program

Oui! Oui! We’re so excited to share the news of another great kids program at a fabulous home away from home in Paris, France!

You might remember our review of Le Royal Monceau, the fabulous 5-star retreat which opened its doors only a few years ago. C’est manifique!

Well they’ve announced the arrival of Le Petit Royal, their official kids program. All activities are included for hotel guests and include movie screenings in the cinema and private pizza-making lessons with their Michelin-star chef! Families are aso offered 50% off the price of a second room so you can have some stretch room for all those in tow.

Check out more details below and let Posh know if you’re ready to go french!

Posted by Elizabeth on 09/23 at 01:20 AM


Fab Friday

Another week comes to a close and we’re relieved! Check out all these goodies in case you missed this this week:

Fab Links:

The Painted Ladies of San Francisco are still looking fine! Have you been?

Thanks to guest writer Dana for the fabulous review of the Ritz Carlton Half Moon Bay! Ready to pack our bags and hop on a segway now!

Can you guess which city you’ll find this picture?

Fab Tweets

Posted by Elizabeth on 09/20 at 09:51 AM


A Family Review of the Ritz-Carlton, Half Moon Bay

Summer has a different meaning in San Francisco then it does in other parts of the world. When most people are digging out the short and flip flops, San Franciscans are sure to keep coats in the hall closet for those days when the fog rolls in so thick you can’t see the spires of the Golden Gate Bridge, let alone the sun. So what to do when school lets out and the family’s craving a quick and easy beach getaway? Jump in the car and drive half an hour to the only oceanfront resort in the San Francisco Bay Area. The Ritz-Carlton Half Moon Bay.

Fog creeps its way into this neck of the woods too, but when it does it doesn’t seem to have as much of a chill. There’s something about sitting next to a fire pit roasting marshmallows or playing at the indoor pool that makes kids and their parents forget all about it.

Forgeting about everything but having fun is exactly what happens when families arrive at the Ritz-Carlton in Half Moon Bay. Just 23 miles southwest of the San Francisco International Airport, after check in, the hardest decision you’ll have to make is what to do first.

Hit the Beach

Perfectly perched on a bluff overlooking the Pacific Ocean, the Ritz-Carlton couldn’t have designed a better back yard. MIramontes beach is just a 15 minute walk along the coastal trail. It might take you bit longer to make the trek though, and Adirondack chairs sprinkled along the way seem to have magnetic power. If the family’s feeling energetic, head another 15 minutes or so to Cowell Ranch Beach. This stunning stretch of sand is by no means a secret, but extra steps to get there may mean you have it all to yourself.


The best family vacation lets everyone, parents included, have some time to do exactly what they want. The Ritz-Kids program makes it possible for parents to relax, without worrying what their kids are up to. Designed for kids ages 5-12 a typical day might include tide pooling, sandcastle building, swimming, playing tennis or golf, and an assortment of other fun activities. And when school’s out, Ritz-Kids offers summer camps that include kayaking, paddle boarding and surfing along with field trips to state parks and local farms.

Parents might find themselves wishing they were a kid again, but that will pass. There’s plenty of fun and relaxation waiting for parents. Golfers have two championship courses to choose from. The hotel spa has 16 treatment rooms, and offers a services ranging from massages and facials, to nails and hair design. The Spa also offers a Princess Fizzing Manicure and Pedicure feen guests ages 14 and up.

The Ocean Terrace

At the end of a fun-filled vacation day, the family can re-connect on the large tiered back patio. There are plenty of comfy chairs and fire pits to keep little ones toasty as the sun begins to set and the resort’s bagpiper takes the gazebo stage.

Dinner is Served

If you needed a good reason to leave the car parked, and just walk to dinner, Navio is it. After a million dollar nautical themed renovation, it’s boasting a new, evolving Ocean Cuisine menu and quickly gaining fans. Parents hoping for a quiet dinner can take advantage of Ritz-Kids Night Out. On Friday and Saturday nights kids can get away to a their own special dinner, movies and arts and crafts. If you have tweens and teens, they’ll enjoy being pampered by the staff at Navio. When Chef de Cuisine Sean Eastwood found out my 12 year old daughter wasn’t a fan of seafood, he went out of his way, preparing dishes that weren’t on the menu. That said, his Navio Seafood Platter was so striking, when it arrived at the table, she didn’t hesitate to taste (and though she wouldn’t admit it, possibly enjoy) her first clam on the half shell. The dessert list is just as impressive, but keeping the teens from heading straight to The Ocean Terrace to make s’mores could be next to impossible. If you have a window side table, you might consider lingering longer. You’ll be able to watch the kids make s’mores masterpieces from above.

Getting the Family Rolling

Some of the best views the property has to offer are best seen on two wheels. The Ritz-Carlton offers Segway tours along the resort’s coastal trail. The tour runs about an hour and a half, with the first 30 minutes dedicated to getting everyone comfortable on their personal transporter. The tours are small, limited to just five people per tour and the guides are loaded with information about the area. Officially, kids must be 16 years of age or older, but weight and maturity play a big part and exceptions can sometimes be made.

62-Mile Scenic Drive

The only bad thing about the Ritz-Carlton is that you won’t want to leave. But be sure to save time to explore Half Moon Bay. The concierge can help with kid-friendly activities and attractions. If you’re interested in taking in some of the area’s picturesque scenery, the Ritz-Carlton has created a Signature Drive to showcase the area, taking you down Main Street, through redwoods, pumpkin patches and the Santa Cruz Mountains. If you’re kids are on the young side, it might be the perfect way to encourage an afternoon nap!

About the auuthor: Dana can be found on Twitter @drebmann
Dana’s trip was hosted by The Ritz-Carlton, Half Moon Bay, but as always her thoughts and opinions are her own.

Posted by Elizabeth on 09/18 at 11:02 AM


Fab Friday: Is that Fall I see :)

Hey Posh, hey! It’s time for the weekend and we’re finally starting to feel an appearance of fall. Thank you, fashion gods! I really want to break out my boots. Have another fabulous Friday!

Fab Links:

It’s all because of you dahlings! We’re a top 10 family travel site according to your votes on Red Tricycle! *takes a bow*

We remembered a lot of special people this week for the anniversary of 9/11.

We asked you on Facebook what language you would want to speak if you could be fluent tomorrow. What a variety of answers we weren’t expecting to find!

Fab Tweets:

photo credit: pacensepatoso via photopin cc

Posted by Elizabeth on 09/13 at 10:20 AM


Today We Remember

12 years later it’s still hard to come up with the right words. So today let’s just remember all the American lives that were lost on that terrible day and thereafter defending our country.

Give a hug to the ones your love in honor of them.



Posted by Elizabeth on 09/11 at 07:00 AM


We’re a Top 10 Finalist on Red Tricycle!

Thanks to all of you lovely friends of the Poshbrood blog! Without you we would not be where we are and we certainly wouldn’t be a Top 10 Family Travel Site as voted on Red Tricycle.

Congrats to all of our fellow resources who made the list as well! It feels amazing to be in such good company with you.

Poshbrooders, you rock!

Posted by Elizabeth on 09/10 at 11:53 AM


Fab Friday: European Travel Love Fest

Happy Friday, Poshbrooders! We are all about the love for European travel this week so if you start to daydream when you hear “Sicily” “Romania” or “Croatia”, read on my friends! Read on.

Fab Links:

Mark shared some fabulous locations you may not have thought of if you’re thinking about checking out Eastern Europe. Fab doesn’t even begin to say it, dahhhling.

In other news, the queen Bey, Jay-Z and of course, their baby brood Blue Ivy popped up in Sicily for a yacht vacation in the Mediterranean Sea this week. Do they have the life or what?

Oh, P.S. Elizabeth Thorp, head Travel Mom of this site recently accepted the Editor-In-Chief position at Capitol File. Wowza! No worries. Your regularly schedule posh travel goodness will continue for your reading pleasure.

Fab Tweets:

photo credit: Hollywood_PR via photopin cc

Posted by Elizabeth on 09/06 at 03:16 PM


Eastern Europe: 6 Hidden Gems for Families

Tallinn, Estonia

The capital city of Estonia, Tallinn is a fusion of medieval and Soviet styles, making it a must-see for any architectural enthusiast. Known as the silicon valley of Eastern Europe, Estonia is the birthplace of many technologies, such as Skype. The revenues and investments attracted by these new businesses make Estonia the hot new place to visit in Europe.

Best hotel: Hotel Telegraaf

Fitting in with the medieval feel of the city, this five star hotel was named in the top ten of the Travellers Choice 2011 awards.

Transylvania, Romania

Inspiring works such as Bram Stoker’s Dracula, the medieval features of this Romanian province make it a must-visit.
With various castles dotted about, including the infamous Bran Castle, aka Castle Dracula, Transylvania is rich in both folklore and history.

Best hotel: Conacul Archia

A perfect choice for families, this hotel offers peace and quiet, located just outside of the main tourist areas.

Lake Bled, Slovenia

The clear blue glacial waters and beautiful scenery of Lake Bled make it the perfect place to relax. With a small alpine village nearby and Castle Bled situated on its banks, Lake Bled is one of the hidden gems of Eastern Europe.

Best hotel: Hotel Golf

Situated close to the lake and offering an impressive spa and pool areas. This hotel even has a water slide to keep the kids entertained.

Krakow, Poland

Offering the densest population of clubs and bars in the world, it is easy to forget that there is much more to Krakow. This city has a long and rich history, boasting castles, market squares and museums. With many attractions close by, Krakow has lots to offer, even for the teetotal amongst you.

Best hotel: Sheraton

Located in the heart of Krakow and just a ten minute walk away from the old town, this five star hotel has an amazing restaurant, specialising in Polish food.

Minsk, Belarus

The capital and largest city in Belarus, Minsk is almost one thousand years old. Rebuilt by the Soviets after World War Two, Minsk is considered one of the best examples of Soviet city planning and architecture within the former USSR. Boasting beautiful cafes and street lighting, Minsk is a must-visit, even in wintertime.

Best hotel: Crown Plaza

Boasting unique architecture, this hotel looks as good outside as it does inside. Located just opposite the city stadium, everything in Minsk is within a short distance of the front door.

Zagreb, Croatia

A vibrant city with a medieval feel, Zagreb is quickly becoming one of the hot-to-visit locations in Europe.
Zagreb has many attractions, most notably its churches, with spectacular architecture and panoramic city views to be had from the top of their towers.
Divided into an older upper town and newer lower town, Zagreb really does have something for everyone.

Best hotel: Esplanade

Offering luxury rooms and marble bathrooms, this hotel is perfect for those looking for a relaxing holiday.

This piece was written by Mark Enright, a keen traveller and writer for Cruise Nation, the cruise specialists.

Posted by Elizabeth on 09/05 at 12:43 PM


Fab Friday: Labor Day Weekend is Here!

It’s Friday. The last weekend of the month. And basically the last real days of summer. You know what that means… Labor Day Weekend has arrived! An epic time for travel every year. Oh the travel possibilities…

Where are you headed this Labor Day Weekend? By car? Plane? Staycation? Share in the comments below!

Time to get fabulous…

Fab Links

Just hanging out in a Kardashian’s fave spot while in NY. (See photo above and on Facebook.) You just can’t go wrong with the Gansevoort.

34.1 million Americans are traveling this weekend. Cray! Be safe and respect your fellow travelers are you get to your desination. We have some last minute suggestions if you’re starting to get a case of the FOMO.

When you think of an amazing spa experience, can you see outside the sanctuary walls? Check out these 10 amazing locales with the spa experience you’ve been dreaming of.

Fab Tweets

Posted by Elizabeth on 08/30 at 07:55 AM


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