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Do you Love Jazz? Head to Tobago!

Do you love jazz? Great! Music enthusiasts from around the world are invited to the island of Tobago to experience an electrifying fusion of home-grown entertainers and international superstars as the island celebrates its sixth annual Tobago Jazz Experience. Staying true to its promise of offering “much more than music” the cultural and historical practices that define the island of Tobago are incorporated as well. The nine-day festival held April 18-26, 2015 exemplifies Tobago’s vibrant culture and history!

Tobago Fort King George

Festival-goers will take a musical tour through Speyside, Signal Hill, Scarborough, Castara and Pigeon Point Heritage Park. Each community hosts multiple events and performances by both regional and international music icons including headlining Grammy® Award winning artists Jill Scott, Jennifer Hudson and Kool and the Gang. Visitors can indulge in the gastronomic experience that is the authentic dirt oven bread indigenous to the village of Castara; take a walk off the beaten path into the Main Ridge Reserve; immerse themselves in cultural treats such as the goat races at the Buccoo Integrated Facility; or take in a history lesson during a tour of Fort King George Heritage Park—all while interacting with a warm and welcoming people notorious for their vintage brand of hospitality.

Tobago Brain Coral

Tobago is a sister island to Trinidad and is known for its secluded beaches, quaint villages, private villas and award-winning eco attractions that include the Main Ridge Rainforest, the oldest protected reserve in the western hemisphere and the world’s largest brain coral. Against a backdrop of world-renowned beaches and history, you’ll have a chance to discover and explore the authentic Caribbean island while enjoying sensational performances. With its cove-filled coastlines, renowned diving sites and great food, you are in for a treat!

photo: Tobago Jazz Experience
photo: Go Trinidad and Tobago
photo credit: Paul Mannix via Flickr cc by 2.0

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Chatham Bars Inn Rolls Out the Welcome Mat for Cape-Bound Canines

Chatham Bars Inn Dogs

Visitors might find some of the newest guests at Cape Cod’s Chatham Bars Inn quite fetching, as the historic resort opens its doors to dogs for the first time. Taking reservations beginning Jan. 28, travelers who arrive with their beloved pup in tow will enjoy a selection of Fido-friendly amenities in their room, plus designated dog-friendly sites throughout the grounds. In season (mid-June through Labor Day), the resort will charge owners an initial fee of $100 plus $40 per additional night; off season the charge will be $40 per night.

Chatham Bars Inn Dog

Rooms with four-legged guests are outfitted with a welcome mat, dog bed, food and water bowls and a “Pet in Residence” sign for the door. In addition, a special welcome package will include a menu of canine cuisine plus information on local dog-friendly beaches, walking trails and local kennels. Leashes, collars and other dog accessories will be available at Chatham Bars Inn’s retail shop, and the property map has been updated with paw prints marking dog-friendly areas on the grounds, including the Cape Rose Cottage, Lilac House, South Lawn and Gazebo. Plastic gloves and bags will be stocked in these areas to simplify waste removal.

Chatham Bars Inn Beach

While the private beach at Chatham Bars Inn will be reserved for guests of the human variety, staff will be happy to point dogs desiring a romp in the sand and surf to a number of nearby beaches where they are welcome off-season (Sept. 15 – April 30). These include Cockle Cove, Forest, Harding, Jackknife Harbor, Oyster Pond, Pleasant Street, Ridgevale, Lighthouse and South (Nauset) Beach. And Cape Cod is replete with dog-friendly hiking and walking trails, from Chatham’s Morris Island Trail and Old Colony Rail Trail to nearby Orleans’ Kent’s Point Conservation Area and Brewster’s Eagle Point.

Chatham Bars Inn

About Chatham Bars Inn
Chatham Bars Inn is one of Cape Cod’s most beloved and storied destinations for family vacations, romantic getaways and corporate retreats. What opened as a luxury hunting lodge for wealthy Bostonians in 1914 is today a full-service resort with 217 individually decorated rooms and suites, endless recreational options, exceptional dining and an exclusive spa.

Chatham Bars Inn Spa Suite

Chatham Bars Inn has undergone a $100-million renovation that has left nothing untouched. The transformation has retained the Inn’s turn-of-the-century charm and breezy, seaside ambience while adding all the comforts and luxuries of modern living. The Inn is located on its own quarter-mile private beach just a short stroll from Chatham, one of the most historic and picturesque villages on the Cape. Chatham Bars Inn is a member of The Leading Hotels of the World and recipient of the Forbes Four Star rating.

photos: Chatham Bars Inn
photo credit: Maarten via Flickr cc by 2.0

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Lugabug Makes Traveling with Kids Easy!


Like so many of us, Seattle-based Jennie Helman and her husband Jon are always improvising—juggling busy work schedules and parenthood as best they can. Mother-of-three Jennie is also on the road quite a bit—traveling the nation as the tutu wearing, rockin’ bass player for The Not-Its!, Seattle’s renowned kindie rock band. When possible, her family comes along for the fun, and while they love the family time and final destinations—rock star or not—when traveling with kids, the chaos of the actual journey can turn the start of an awesome trip upside-down.


Luckily for the Helman family, dad Jon has an inventive side. When he and Jennie finally had enough of navigating their way through airports with three small children and lots of luggage, they came up with a device to make it easier–Lugabug–a child’s travel chair that attaches to a rolling suitcase in seconds without taking up extra space. It’s a hit with their kids—and will be a hit with yours as well!


Now, the dynamic duo is launching this “how did we travel with kids without this” product on Kickstarter.

Lugabug adds an instant element of fun and adventure. Kids love it because they get to ride safely and comfortably without getting tired feet. Adults love it because Lugabug carries your kid for you. You know where they are at all times, and you have a free hand to carry extra bags, a coffee or nothing at all… making all the difference between calm and chaos.


Lugabug is compact and lies flat against your suitcase, so there’s no need to remove it from your luggage when placing in an overhead compartment. Not only is it stylish, Lugabug is versatile and can convert to a bag to carry a Kindle, iPad or magazine, or can be used as a stand-alone chair or sitting pad.

Lugubug makes traveling with kids a breeze!

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Looking for Unique Accommodations in Africa?

Planning a trip to Africa but want to stay somewhere authentic and cool? Try—Africa’s version of AirBnB. The site, one of CNN’s 15 African technology startups to watch in 2014, helps those who want to explore Africa, but not necessarily the usual tourist destinations, find safe, local accommodations that meet their needs. With 8,000 properties throughout East, North and Southern Africa, you’ll definitely be able to find the perfect spot for your family!

The site is super user-friendly. Use the Wish Lists feature to find the locale you’ve been dreaming of, from castles and palaces to enchantingly romantic or family homes. Prices range from a $7 to $10,000 a night. Most of the properties are in Nairobi, Naivasha, Lamu, Maasai Mara, Diani and Zanzibar, but new properties are added every day, especially in Zimbabwe and Namibia.

The Manta Resort

Options include this amazing resort on Pemba Island that features a room with an “ocean view.” If you’ve ever wanted to fall asleep surrounded by fish, this is the room for you because, yes! The room is actually underwater!

The Fort

Thinking more royalty? This castle on Lamu Island might fit the bill! Accommodations include nine bedrooms, ocean views, Wi-Fi and a full staff to handle everything from cooking to arranging day travel.

Chongwe River House

Like luxury but still want something unique? Try this four-bedroom house in Lusaka Zambia that is carved right into the bedrock. The property is fully staffed with a guide, house manager, private chef and support staff. If you’re traveling light, an old school caravan in Avondale Zimbabwe might do the trick. Nostalgic? Try Freddie Mercury’s childhood vacation flat in Zanzibar.

The options are pretty much endless. No matter what type of experience you’re looking for, we’re pretty sure you’ll be able to find it on! 


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Beyonce and Jay-Z visit Phuket


Beyoncé and Jay-Z have been traveling in style over the holiday season, from Iceland to Thailand and Cambodia! Last week was spent on the beautiful Phuket Island located off the west coast of Kra Isthmus about 500 miles south of Bangkok.

Amanpuri Villa Terrace

On Phuket, they stayed at the Amanpuri Resort in a $25,000 a night villa that previously hosted Prince William. The villas feature six separate bedrooms decorated with Thai furnishings, art and antiques. While staying at the villa, Bey and Jay relaxed at their own a private pool and spent some time building sand castles on the beach with their daughter. The Amanpuri Resort overlooks Pansea Beach and the Andaman Sea on the west coast of Phuket Island.

Amanpuri Living Sala

The villas have rooftop lounges and media rooms, in addition to living and dining salas—the traditional open-air pavilions used in Thailand for meeting. And there’s no reason to ever leave your villa—unless you want to! A private chef, butler and live-in maid take care of any and every need during your stay. Meals of Thai cuisine are prepared in the villa’s private kitchen.

Phuket FantaSea

If you do choose to explore the island, you’ll want to check out the island’s ultimate cultural theme show, Phuket FantaSea; the Phuket Big Bhudda, one of the island’s most important landmarks; and Old Phuket Town where you can visit the ornate and beautifully preserved provinicial capital.

Looks like Beyoncé and Jay-Z had a great time visiting Phuket on their trip!

photograph: Beyonce Instagram
photograph: Amanpuri Resort
photo credit: Walter Lim via Flickr cc by 2.0

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Considerations for Moving Abroad

Moving Abroad

Whether you are hoping to spend your golden years overseas, have spent a bit of time traveling and have decided you would like to settle down in another country for a bit, or are feeling totally bored with life and are looking to shake things up with some bold moves, moving abroad is not a decision to be made hastily.

While there are many great things about living in a different country, it can also be rife with challenges. Once the newness wears off, frustration can set in big time. When considering whether or not to move abroad, details can easily be romanticized causing people to overlook important considerations. If you are thinking about taking the plunge, here are a few things to consider.

How Different Do You Want It?
One of the reasons we love visiting new and different places is because, well….everything is new and different! If you are considering living abroad, consider how ‘different’ you want things to be. What can and can’t you live without? The idea of lazing away in a hammock in a remote tropical paradise sounds good in theory, but how do you think you would fare after a couple of months? Do you have a particularly strong attachment to Western food or want a nice grocery store stocked with imported goods you simply must have? Do you want the option to go to a mall or catch the latest movies? Are you gung ho to learn a new language or would you want to go to a place where many people may be able to speak at least a basic level of English?

Moving Abroad

Cost of Living
Now that you have an idea of how different or not different you want your new location to be, your next consideration will be cost of living. If you are hoping to go somewhere less expensive, be careful of letting the lure of cheap living be the sole deciding factor. Don’t sacrifice too much just in the name of spending as little dough as possible. How much money do you have to live on? Do you have any active income, and if so, is it steady or irregular? What sort of financial obligations do you have? If you are a US citizen and self-employed, for example, you are expected to pay the government self-employment tax no matter where you reside.

Whether you are looking to rent or buy a residence, take a look at the various websites that advertise properties to get an idea of what things cost. Keep in mind that certain places may not be as cheap as you think—you may dream of getting an apartment in Bangkok for only a few hundred dollars a month, but at that cost, you are either looking at a centrally located ‘apartment’ that is the same size as your bedroom, or something in the far flung outskirts. Speaking of housing, there are many avenues available to receive assistance with relocating abroad. Businesses such as the Mayflower moving company not only provide international moving and storage services, but also offer assistance with finding a home in your new country.

Moving Abroad

Know Ahead of Time the Thrill Will Eventually Wear Off
If you can prepare yourself ahead of time for the inevitable moment where things don’t feel so new and exciting anymore, you will be much better off. This isn’t to say that you will stop being happy in your new home, but simply that at some point, you will start to see things differently. Spending a long time somewhere is very different than passing through on vacation. Things that were interesting may become less so; things that you found so fascinating may become annoying. It’s all par for the course and totally normal. We often resist this phase, and it makes things even more unpleasant. But, if we just accept it for what it is, we are presented with a great opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the people, culture and ourselves.

Moving abroad is one of the most exciting things you can do, and you won’t regret it for sure. Just educate yourself as much as you can before jumping in, and you’ll be able to make the most of the experience.

photo credit: James Linwood via Flickr cc by 2.0
photo credit: wackystuff via Flickr cc by-sa 2.0
photo credit: cambodia4kidsorg via Flickr cc by 2.0

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Winter Resort Vacations for the Adventurous Family!

Winter Resort

It’s tempting to stay inside where it’s warm for the next four months, but with so many great winter resorts it’s actually time to get your posh brood playing in the snow! Read on and discover just a few of the exciting activities taking place this season!

Winter Resort

Skytop Lodge, PA
Skytop Lodge in the Poconos always gets high marks for family friendly fun. And the Winter Fun Package is no exception! Going on right now, the package includes meals, full use of the seasonal recreational facilities and rentals. Just a few of the activities in season right are archery, hiking, cross-country skiing and snowshoeing, dog sledding and tobaganning, ice skating, ice fishing and skiing and snowboarding. And if that’s not enough adventure for your family, Skytop offers a geo-caching treasure hunt that takes players throughout the 5,500 acre property, a ziplining challenge course and a wilderness survival skills course.

Winter Resort

Rancho de los Caballeros
A winter ranch experience can be great fun for the whole family! At Rancho de los Caballeros just outside of Phoenix, families enjoy horse back riding, trap and skeet shooting, hiking or Jeep tours through the desert and cookouts by the campfire. Better yet, jump on your horse and try your hand at Team Penning! Teams of five work together to separate three steers from the herd and move them across an arena and into a 12’x12’ pen within three minutes. Seems impossible, but fun!

Winter Resort

Crystal Mountain
Crystal Mountain in Thompsonville, MI has so many winter activities, you won’t know where to start—and you definitely won’t want to leave! Skiing and snowboarding are just the start of the family fun available at the resort. Horse-drawn surrey rides, family campfires, trivia or photo scavenger hunts and fat tire snow biking will keep you busy from dawn ‘til dusk. Have a go at the Edge Adventure Course where you’ll cross a rickety bridge, jump swing to swing, balance on the Burma Bridge and finish off with a 130-foot zip line trip. During your downtime, you can build a snow castle or head out on a snowman search. And when you can’t go anymore, relax in the outdoor hot tub.

With all these great options for resort vacations, winter doesn’t have to be just for snoozing by the fire!

photo credit: Daniel Burton via Flickr cc by-sa 2.0
photo courtesy of: Skytop Lodge
photo courtesy of: Rancho de los Caballeros
photo courtesy of: Crystal Mountain

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Ready for a Swim? Try the World’s Largest Pool!

San Alfonso del Mar

The new year is officially here! But with all the celebrating over, we know what’s left is dreading the long, dark, cold months of winter that seem like they will never end. We know how you feel, so when you’re ready for that vacation to the land of warm sandy beaches, we recommend Algarrobo, Chile! About an hour west of Santiago, Algarrobo is a small resort city with a beautiful, warm, welcoming coastline.

San Alfonso del Mar

The main attraction in Algarrobo is the San Alfonso del Mar. Why? Because this incredible resort holds the current Guinness record for the world’s largest crystalline water pool. The pool is an amazing 20 acre, 115 foot deep salt water lagoon where you can sail, kayak, scuba dive or just relax on a floating island. The Pub Bahía Sur area of the pool has water currents and a huge 100 meter long water-slide with water jets.  Throughout the entire pool, the water is so clear you can see all the way to the bottom—even at the deep end! And with the water temperature held at a steady 78º F, it’s the perfect place to escape the harsh winter cold!

San Alfonso del Mar

For the kids, if the pool isn’t enough to fill their time, there’s still plenty to do. We doubt that will happen, but, just in case, monitors host games, physical activities and crafts in four different play areas in the resort.

San Alfonso del Mar

So if you’re curled up in front of the fire wishing for warm, sandy beaches, it’s time to book your vacation to the San Alfonso and enjoy the world’s largest pool!

photos courtesy of San Alfonso del Mar

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Family Games for Long Trips

When it comes to long trips with the family we’ve all hit that point where looking out the window at the passing scenery is no longer entertaining. Keep you and the kids sane, and stave off that inevitable boredom, with a couple of fun games you can play while driving!

Memory Games
First up are the ever popular and easy to setup memory games! The premise is pretty simple, players start with the line “In my suitcase there is” or “Inside my grocery bag, I have” and then add an item like “sunglasses.” The next player must remember all the previous items and then add their own object.
This continues with everyone reciting all the items on the list as it gets gradually longer and longer. Whoever can’t recite the complete list loses! There are online versions of memory games that you can play as well.

I Spy
I Spy is a great way to keep people entertained on long journeys and depending on how clever you are with what you “spy,” game rounds can last for quite a long time. You may want to set a few ground rules like only items you can see at all times or in your immediate vicinity may be used.

Who Am I?
Also known as “20 Questions,” this game involves one player picking a mystery person while the others take turns trying to figure out who they are. This simple yet challenging game can be a lot of fun—especially if the mystery person is diffiult to guess!

Finally, there’s the option of playing bingo, but don’t worry, you won’t need tons of cards, a caller or a ball tumbler to setup a game. All you’ll need is pens, paper and a type of ‘ball’ to daub your cards off against. To elaborate, instead of daubing off your card to numbers that appear, you can use the colors of cars, types of diners or even advertisements you see on the roadside. All you’ll need is pens and paper!

Of course, the adults can make things interesting by trying out a few bingo sites on phones or tablets. These sites aren’t for kids, though, so adults only!

So the next time a car trip starts to get boring, try a few of these exciting to keep everyone entertained!

photo credit: Veronique Debord via photopin cc
photo credit: amemorie via photopin cc

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Gustr: A New Way to Share Travel Images


Looking for a new way to exchange information and knowledge about travel and educational experiences? We were—and then we discovered Gustr! Gustr is a virtual scrapbooking tool that allows you to annotate your photos in a common interest/shared experience group where images are used as a medium to communicate. Exchanging ideas and information, teaching and collaborating is easy—and it’s a great way for kids to look back on family vacations and relive the memories and sights they saw!


Unlike other photo sharing services, the team behind Gustr knows that photography is more than the image. It’s also the community of people who gather around to share, exchange and experience the stories behind the photo. It empowers your photos’ stories by letting you transform them into explorations of meaning and significance through image annotation. You reveal the subtext hidden beneath the pixels of your images using Gustr.

And, don’t worry, Gustr allows each member of the group to restrict photo viewers by setting privacy controls for uploaded images. You control whether only those in the group see the picture or if anyone viewing the group can see the picture. Perfect for sharing with close family and friends without risking online safety!

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Christmas Vacation Done Right!

Are you ready for the holiday season? Do you wish you’d left it all behind and taken the family on vacation instead? This week we’re featuring three family-friendly resorts with the poshest Christmas season packages!

The Resort at Paws Up

The Resort at Paws Up
The Resort at Paws Up has one of the best Christmas packages in the country! For five nights, you’ll stay in one of their cozy vacation homes that feature a great room with a soaring vaulted ceiling, a cook’s kitchen, a loft game room and three master suites featuring en-suite master bathrooms outfitted with a spacious slate shower, a jetted spa tub, sumptuous spa products and plush towels. Of course, your home will be decorated with the traditional Christmas tree—and your very own Santa will visit! Meals, activities and two special holiday dinners are included. Not to mention the gingerbread house building contest and the horse-drawn sleigh rides!

The Broadmoor

The Broadmoor
The highlight of the Classic Broadmoor Christmas 2014  at The Broadmoor is the Christmas show—a special evening of enchanting entertainment—that includes cocktails and dinner. Called “magnificent and heart-warming” you won’t want to miss this magical night at The Broadmoor. And you won’t have to! Included in the seasonal package is classic accomodations (upgrades available) and fun seasonal activities like holiday culinary demonstrations and cupcake and gingerbread decorating. Don’t forget to visit the life-size gingerbread house!

Omni Amelia Island Plantation Resort

Omni Amelia Island Plantation Resort
The Winter Wonderland Package at the Omni Amelia Island Plantation Resort in Florida has everything you need to celebrate the season. You’ll never know you’re in Florida with the beautiful festive lights, trees, wreaths and even snow! There are family-friendly activities each night at Santa’s Workshop including gingerbread decorating, a hot cocoa bar and visits with Santa. When you arrive, you’ll be greeted with a special holiday welcome amenity and, for your first night, a special milk and Christmas cookie turndown!

Happy Holidays from Posh Brood! Have a happy and safe holiday season!

photo credit: The Resort at Paws Up
photo credit: Katatonic via Flickr cc by 2.0
photo credit: The Blog of Amelia Island Plantation

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Boston for the Holiday!

The Charles Hotel

Are you headed to Boston for the holiday? Frequent guest poster Kate Rockland recently visited The Charles Hotel in Cambridge, MA and had a wonderful time!

From the award-winning eats at the cozy in-house restaurant, Henrietta’s Table, to the wonderful seasonal ice-skating rink Boston is the place to be in December!

You can find Kate’s entire review on this Harvard Square institution in Poshbrood Destinations!

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Use Sittercity to Take a Vacation During your Vacation!


The vacation of a lifetime! You’ve finally made it to the little part of heaven you’ve been dreaming about for years, and you’re hoping for some adult time. But what to do with the kids?

Of course, you love your brood, adore your time with them and find the fact that you can have a vacation where the entire family is together amazing. But date nights are important—especially when you’re on vacation. So when you want to enjoy a moment to yourselves with a meal and some quiet, Sittercity is the answer!

Sitters have always been difficult to find, but now you’re looking for someone to take care of your little ones in a place where you’ve never been and where you don’t know anyone. Hotels can often provide childcare, but it’s nice to have some control over who will be watching over the kids.

Well, now you can look ahead and find what you need on, a service from a Chicago, IL based company that has been in operation since 2001. With’s help, you can find a sitter in just about any town in the United States. All you have to do is post an ad detailing your needs, relax and wait for the offers to come in. Once you receive some responses, you have the ability to read the sitters’ current reviews and evaluate them to see if they are good fit for your family. You can also run a check on their background, set up phone and in-person interviews—everything you need to make sure you are comfortable with the sitter you choose.

With trust and safety their highest priority, and offering great advice on how to choose a babysitter on their site, Sittercity is the place to go when you’re looking for a little time for yourself and some peace of mind. No matter where you are!

photo credit: Ed and Eddie via Flickr cc by-sa 2.0

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Holiday Shopping with the Smithsonian!

Did you know you can do all of your holiday shopping at The Smithsonian? Well, you can! The Smithsonian Institution museum stores are a great option for gift shopping and a fun alternative to traditional department stores. From the adorable Jurassic-inspired Smithsonian Toddler Fleece Dino Hoodie to the educational Smithsonian-Opoly, there’s something for everyone on your list. Check out their super cute gift suggestions below!

Smithsonian Gift Guide

Smithsonian Toddler Fleece Dino Hoodie
Wearing this adorable, Jurassic-inspired jacket may inspire a few fierce roars. (Our own Natural History Museum’s dinosaurs can be seen in the new exhibit The Last American Dinosaurs, Discovering a Lost World after October 20th—although they won’t be as cute as your little one in this hoodie!) Order here!

Smithsonian Gift Guide

Smithsonian Castle Keys Jewelry Collection
An heirloom romance adapted for the Smithsonian from beautiful antique keys in the Smithsonian Castle’s collections by American jewelry artist Cynthia Gale, the elegant key bows incorporate ornate carved designs—winged angel, scroll and twin fish. This versatile station necklace can be worn long, short or as a belt. The bracelet dangles key-bow charms and tiny keys, and the hoop earrings feature a scroll motif. Order here!

Smithsonian Gift Guide

Smithsonian Castle Leather Accessories
Clever American designs + pebbled Italian leather (subtly embossed with the silhouette of our iconic Smithsonian Castle) = stylish, stash-and-carry handhelds you won’t want to live without. This compact wallet with eight credit card slots, a currency holder and back stash pocket is secured with a beautiful “Castle” window snap. The chic smartphone case attaches to a bag with the loop’s lobster claw clasp or can be carried as a wristlet, while securing your device (even a Galaxy S) with a brass zipper and “Castle” key pull. Order here!

Smithsonian Gift Guide

Smithsonian Castle Keys Dangles & Pin
Designed for us by noted New York jewelry artist Cynthia Gale, the auspicious twin-fish motif (symbolic of love and happiness in Chinese culture) is adapted from an antique furniture key in the collections of the Smithsonian Castle. Order here!

Smithsonian Gift Guide

Smithsonian-Opoly Game
Want to own the Hope Diamond or the Space Shuttle Discovery? Roll the dice, advance your tokens—dinosaur fossil, astronaut, teddy bear, mailman, castle or locomotive—and try to acquire the most Smithsonian treasures. (Deeds have cool facts on back.) Buy homes or castle keys to increase property values. Obey instructions on history or treasure cards when you land on those spaces. Classic toys are curated in our National Museum of American History. Order here!

Smithsonian Gift Guide

Smithsonian Castle Handmade Glass Clock
Mouth-blown and hand-engraved by Simon Pearce glass artisans in Windsor, Vermont, the face of this sculptural timepiece was inspired by the Smithsonian Castle’s circular window centering the North front towers. Available nowhere else, this unique and eloquent gift is discreetly etched on its rough-hewn circumference with the Smithsonian logo. Order here!

Smithsonian Gift Guide

Smithsonian Castle Window Watch
A tasteful and timeless evocation of the Smithsonian’s iconic Castle Building, the face of this elegant watch reprises the design of its large north-facing circular window. When admirers ask (and they will), you can explain that the design is in keeping with the Castle’s Medieval-Revival architectural style. Order here!

Smithsonian Gift Guide

Smithsonian Castle Handmade Glass Paperweight
This handmade Simon Pearce glass paperweight features an exquisitely etched design, inspired by the large circular window in the north side of the Smithsonian Institution Building. A stunning heavyweight medallion with the Smithsonian logo etched on the rough-hewn circumference, it is beautifully handmade in the U.S.A. with satisfying heft. A unique and meaningful gift you won’t find anywhere else! Order here!

Happy Holiday Shopping!

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Will and Kate Visit New York!

Carlyle Hotel

New York is experiencing more than just Christmas excitement this week as Prince William and Kate Middleton visit the city. The couple is staying on the Upper East Side at The Carlyle, A Rosewood Hotel. A frequent host to royalty, the hotel is equipped with the most posh amenities, wonderful views of the city and, of course, the utmost discretion. The hotel never shares details of high-profile visits—no matter how many times we ask!

Carlyle Hotel

For this visit, the royal couple is staying in the Thierry Despont-designed Empire Suite, a 2,600 sq. ft three-bedroom, four-and-a-half bath duplex. The living room and master bedroom both have floor-to-ceiling picture windows that provide unobstructed views of Central Park. The suite also has an office equipped with an Apple computer, full kitchen, separate sitting room and a private art collection. Only Kiehl’s® toiletries, accompanied by slippers and monogrammed terrycloth bathrobes, will do for those staying at The Carlyle.

Carlyle Hotel

Although the royals have a packed schedule speaking on behalf of the many charities they represent and visiting with President Obama, if they choose to dine in it will be at the Carlyle Restaurant—famous for its Dover Sole and Lobster Thermidor. With plush chintz-covered banquettes, Aubusson rugs, mirrored alcoves, a dramatic six-foot-tall floral arrangement and featuring English hunting scenes by Fores, William and Kate will feel right at home!

Carlyle Hotel

We certainly hope the royals have a wonderful visit to New York and enjoy their stay at the Carlyle Hotel!

photo credit: The Guardian
photo credit: The Carlyle Hotel

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Poshbrood is also a full-service travel agency. Our extensive network of contacts and a partnership with NYC-based SmartFlyer, a VIRTUOSO agency, enable us to pass along special perks at top hotels worldwide such as complimentary upgrades, breakfast-inclusive hotel rates, early check- in/late check-out and additional value-adds that might include hotel and resort credits, meals, spa treatments orairport transfers. Our clients also enjoy additional benefits from our Four Seasons Preferred Partner, Ritz-Carlton STARS, Fairmont Famous Agents, Preferred Hotels VIP & Orient-Express Bellini Club status. (Poshbrood does not charge clients fees upfront, typically we receive commission from hotels.)

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