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Posted by Elizabeth on 07/26 at 12:55 PM


Best Family Spas Around The World


While family vacations are meant for you to spend quality time bonding with your children, sometimes it can be difficult to find something that both you and your child will enjoy. Water sports, hiking and a few other outdoors sports are all fun activities that meet those criteria—but what if you’re looking for something a little more relaxing?

Spa treatments in luxe spas and hotels around the world are a great way to fit in some rejuvenation while bonding with the family. While spas were once the providence of the wealthy individual, spas are becoming increasingly family-friendly as the health benefits of spa treatments are becoming increasingly better known.

Massages, aromatherapy and a long session in the sauna can help ease your aching joints and muscles from traveling (as well as that tension headache from being around bickering children 24/7), while children get to experience their first taste of pampering. Girls will love their pedicure and manicure treatments, while teenagers of both genders will benefit from acne facials.

The spas below offer kid-friendly options on their service menus alongside their more luxurious treatments for the weary adult:


Wintergreen Resort (Wintergreen, Virginia)

Perfect for those who love outdoor sports, Wintergreen Resort offers skiing and snowboarding in the winter, and hiking, tennis, fly-fishing and golf during the summer. Relax after a long day of activity with some pampering at their child-friendly spa.

Mom and daughter can bond over a Diva Day package with pedicures and massages. Teens can choose from a Bye Bye Blemishes facial to Make-Up Art 101, which teaches them how to properly apply makeup. The Spa is open to children aged 9 to 14 (15 and up is considered an adult).

Grand Velas Riviera Nayarit (Puerto Vallarta, Mexico)

Children and parents alike can fully relax at this an all-inclusive luxury resort known for spacious rooms, surprisingly good food (especially for an all-inclusive) and excellent spas. The recent addition of their Kids Spa is open to children that are 4 and older, and there’s even a treatment for toddlers aged 1 to 3 (Sunrise “massage”).

The Kids Spa offers treatments like the Tarzan and Jane massage or the Flower Shower massage, strawberry or vanilla flavored malt baths and sparkly manicures. Best of all—protective parents can keep an eye on the proceedings as all treatments take place poolside or inside your family suite.


Nickelodeon Suites Resort (Orlando, Florida).

Kid-themed resorts and hotels are perfect for finding spa treatments suitable for the younger set. Nickelodeon Suites Resorts is a giant playground for the young and young-at-heart, boasting a miniature golf course, the usual theme park shows, karaoke, and a daily trademark green sliming session.

The Kid’s Spa offers off-the-beaten path “beauty treatments” to boys and girls alike, allowing them to channel their inner rebel with airbrushed temporary tattoos and funky hair braids and wraps (adventurous moms and dads can get the same treatment as well).

Bellezza Spa (Miami, Florida)

If hair wraps and temporary tattoos aren’t the spa experience you’re looking for, take a quick detour to the day spas in Miami. Renowned for its luxurious European skin care products and exclusive body peels and scrubs, Bellezza is a Miami spa and salon that offers relaxing massage therapy, alongside modern skincare treatments, like Botox and Juvederm, so that you can look as refreshed as you feel.

While you’re enjoying these rejuvenating experiences, your little ones can delight in a Princess Facial, or a Chocoluscious Manicure and Pedicure— sure to appeal to anyone with a sweet tooth.

Four Seasons Resorts (various locations around the world)

With a reputation for luxurious rooms and impeccable service, Four Seasons is also very family-friendly. Not only do most locations offer kids’ meals, baby amenities and special pricing and programs for those traveling with children, but tweens and teens (12 and up) are welcome to get treatments at the resort’s spa.

While the services offered vary from resort to resort, there are at least a few treatments available to children on every spa menu. Siblings and friends can get side-by-side facials or massages in Costa Rica. Acne facials for teens with problem skin are available in Nevis. Four Season Maldives has a spa designed specially for kids (Kuda Spa for Kids and Teens), with treatments ranging from glitter manicures to a massage using clam shells.

Finding something that is healthy, fun and enjoyable for the whole family, especially during a trip, can be challenging. A day at the spa might be exactly what you and your children needed to unwind after hours on the road and days spent playing hard in the sun. Relax and rejuvenate with your kids at these kid-friendly spa options.




Marcela De Vivo is a health and beauty writer, yoga enthusiast and mother of three who loves traveling around the world with her family, especially to day spas that will pamper the entire family. Follow her on Facebook today!

Posted by Elizabeth on 07/24 at 10:27 AM


Equestrian Chic! It’s an Oughton Limited Giveaway!

When was the last time your turned down a new travel bag? That’s what I thought.

Oughton Limited is the top brand for equestrian bags since it started when the founder couldn’t find the right option to keep and organize everything while shipping horses from the farm to its trainers. A dream bag was designed and desired by other equestrian buffs immediately. The bags are handmade in Italy (because… duh) and are absolutely beautiful, offered in many different colors and material.

Whether you ride a horse or just watch them on TV, this product is so chic. Definitely worth making an appearance on your next Posh Pick trip!

Giveaway Time!


Today, Poshbrood is giving you a chance to carry the Wellie Overnight Bag from Oughton Limited. TO. DIE. FOR. RIGHT?!

Gorgeous midnight blue Italian rubber, accented with chrome and waterproof zippers. Is this not perfection for that next weekend away?

All you have to do is share with us the following:

Where Would You Use Your Wellie?

Visit our Facebook page and write your answer on the wall to be entered to win. We’ll be accepting your entries until next Friday, August 2, 2013. A winner will be announced the following week.

So go on! Tell us!

Where would you use your Wellie?

P.S. One entry per person. Must be 18 or older to enter. If winner does not respond to redeem bag within 72 hours will be disqualified and a new winner will be chosen, and so on.

Posted by Elizabeth on 07/22 at 06:12 AM


Five Things to Remember When Traveling with Your Family

Traveling, in itself, is an amazing choice because it opens your mind to new experiences, culture, food and so much more. Combine the fun with family members and you’ll create unforgettable moments. Vacationing with the family means time for the mobile devices to come out! To avoid too much yelling and “if I have to stop this car,” use your mobile Internet to consider sending some personal creations back home to loved ones.

Family vacations are a hard thing to come by and sometimes events may need to be skipped as you hurry your family out of the door. To provide time with your family and friends who you may had to skip, send personalize gifts to know they are still an important part of your life. In the car, you may be heading somewhere exciting for your little’s first birthday, how exciting would it be if you arrived to the hotel and there was a personalized gift you ordered for her first birthday. Prior to gift giving and the happy times to start, there are five considerations when it comes to traveling with the family:

1. Everyone needs their space

Traveling with the family can provide a great support structure and give every member a boost to try new things but it can also become very troublesome when you’re in need of personal space. Sometimes, mobile devices can provide a distraction to avoid yelling matches of sitting in a car too long. Reach for the handheld games, tablets and portable television before leaving home.

Long hours on the road, sharing the same room, food, and experiences are great but it’s important to allow other members to have the choice of going off on their own adventure and make the trip personal in their own way. Stop at exciting places to snap a family portrait and perhaps you can add it to personal creations, like a collage to share with extended family.

2. The personal events

When we’re abroad it’s easy to get wrapped up in the moment and forget about the little things that we would do back home such as celebrating a holiday, birthday, or anniversary. Traveling has this effect because it’s easy to toss out the concept of time so you can live in the moment.

One way to combine the act of traveling and these great events is to consider celebrating while traveling. Personal Creations can combine custom text - likely the experience from the location and event - and wrap it into a very unique gift that will be unforgettable. If you have a daughter, a niece or granddaughter that is on the cusp of celebrating her first birthday, now is the time to make this an incredible moment of remembrance with a special gift, regardless of the fact that you’re abroad or domestically traveling.

When stopping at a special place while it’s your child’s birthday, surprise them with the personalized gift and create new memories at your destination with them!

3. There are shops there, too

A lot of people go a little overboard with their travel packing. You’d think they’re ready to move to the new location even though it’s just a few days of rest and relaxation.
One thing to remember is that, yes, there are shops and vendors in other parts of the world. Gasp!

This means that you probably don’t need to bring a good majority of things such as toiletries, extra shirts, socks, and basic travel “essentials”. You could, for instance, just set a small budget for some of the things you’ll buy when you arrive at your destination which will make the packing process so much easier especially if you’re trying to manage a big family group.

4. Some places have crazy laws

The world is a big place with lots of diversity; this diversity also comes about in the local laws which, at times, can be quite silly and a bit crazy. Brush up on some of the local law before you arrive at your destination. It may be highly unlikely to get in trouble for some of the crazy laws it’s still best to avoid doing them just from the one-off chance that you run into the wrong law enforcer that day.

As a small bonus – you can start a fun conversation with your family about these silly laws that will certainly pass time during your travel.

5. All that online stuff is not going to disappear

Share moments with your family and get gift giving out of the way early to avoid technology too often once you have arrived at your destination.  Your Facebook, Twitter, YouTube channel, and all of that technology stuff will be there for when you get back. Live in the moment and enjoy yourself while you’re traveling because you may not have the option all the time.

Limiting the use of gadgets will be a little tough during the first few days but you’ll quickly see how much it will help you bond and experience the local life without being constantly interrupted by emails or the nagging feeling of checking your online accounts.

photo credit: IvanClow via photopin cc

Posted by Elizabeth on 07/17 at 08:53 AM


Tips for Traveling with Kids For a Stress-Free Summer Vacation

Whether you’re taking the kids to the beach or visiting a national park this year, summer travel for new parents can be both exciting and exhausting. Planning around nap times, feeding schedules and your children’s comfort – not to mention their allergies – can be stressful. For parents of young children, finding ways to alleviate travel burdens can be the key to a successful family vacation.
Below are some helpful tips to keep your summer travels organized and stress-free:

Create Your Packing List:

If this is your first trip with your new baby or toddler, you’re probably overwhelmed by the seemingly endless packing list he or she requires – from diapers and car seats to toys and sunscreen. The best way to stay organized and avoid over- or under-packing is to prepare a list, over time, of your family’s needs. Keep a paper and pen on the kitchen counter two weeks prior, and write things down during your family’s regular daily routine. Research your destination and anticipate potential needs, such as allergy medication or special clothing for activities.  Don’t forget that your child may need to adjust to his or her new surroundings, so consider bringing comfort items like blankies and favorite stuffed animals.

Travel Lightly:

Anyone who has traveled with children in tow knows that keeping it light is critical. Heavy strollers and baby equipment are tough enough to pack and carry, let alone with a suite of suitcases. The best way to lighten the load is to find children’s products that are specifically designed for travel and can be used for multiple purposes, such as BABYBJÖRN’s Travel Crib Light 2. Weighing only 11 pounds, the crib is easily assembled in one quick movement, making it an ideal travel accessory. It can be used as a temporary bed at night and as a playpen during the day. And, when not in use, it folds compactly in its carrying case for easy storage in your trunk or under the hotel bed.

Don’t Rush It:

Traveling with small children can be hectic enough without rushing, so take your time. While it may be tempting to get to your destination as quickly as possible, it can add unnecessary stress to your trip. Make sure to plan enough travel time so you can make frequent stops, and add in some leeway for those unexpected delays, such as an extra potty break. Try mapping out your journey, and tag places of interest along the way to visit. While you may not get there as fast, you’ll enjoy a smoother and happier travel experience.

Be Safe:

Your children’s safety is always top-of-mind; so how can you manage their safety and your own anxiety while traveling? Research the location you’re traveling to, and prepare your own first aid kit before you hit the road with things like sunscreen and bug repellent. Be aware of any hazards in your temporary accommodations, and make sure you have a secure place for your child to play and sleep. Products such as the travel crib sit firmly on the floor, making it a safe place to sleep and play for babies and toddlers alike.

Have Fun:

With the right preparation, you’re guaranteed to have a fantastic summer vacation making memories to last a lifetime. Remember that family travel, while stressful, is also fleeting. Enjoy the time together, and don’t sweat the small stuff!

Ashley Sullivan is the marketing manager and spokesperson for BABYBJÖRN, a Swedish company which designs and develops innovative, high-quality products for infants and toddlers worldwide.

photo credit: EsDaX via photopin cc

Posted by Elizabeth on 07/16 at 03:48 PM


Rue La La! Luxury Caribbean Travel Sale Announced

Remember when we told you Rue La La would launch an amazing sale on a fabulous adult only getaway in the Caribbean? Well, it’s time, my posh friends.


Who doesn’t need an adult-only Caribbean getaway? Especially one that has been just named “One of the top 5 Resorts in Caribbean by Travel & Leisure!

The upcoming Rue La La sale will start on July 16th at 11 am ET.

*Step one is to become a member, it’s free and a luxury traveler must-do.

Click here to join Rue La La.

Then start dreaming about this…

Drumroll please! The Posh adult-only and all-inclusive (another rum punch, please…) luxury resort going on sale on Rue is…................

Galley Bay Resort Antigua, an exotic, intimate hideaway for just you.

This could be YOUR POV!

This could be your beach bungalow…

This could be your sunset…

Galley Bay’s focal point is a three-quarter-mile antigua white sand beach on the clear, warm Caribbean, where you can recline in the shade of a palm tree, soak up the sun or enjoy a refreshing swim and complimentary non-motorized water-sports.

The boutique property’s 98 guest rooms are set amid 40 acres of beautiful tropical gardens, providing a sense of privacy. Most accommodations are tucked into the landscape along the beach, so your next swim is just a few steps across the sand.

What are you waiting for? Sign up for Rue La La here and set your smartphones for July 16th at 11 am ET when you can snag a luxe Galley Bay getaway at a significant discount.

Fine Print
You buy certificates for travel deals on Rue but don’t have to commit to exact travel dates at the time of purchase. There is a validity period and although the sale is based on open inventory, rooms are booked on a first come first serve basis. Once you buy into a travel sale, you should confirm travel dates ASAP then go buy that new bikini

This is a sponsored post. Although we are partnering with Rue to get the word out on these fab travel sales, Poshbrood will not endorse any properties that don’t meet our posh-test. Oh, and this mystery Carib hotel passed with flying colors!

Posted by Elizabeth on 07/12 at 08:00 AM
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Howdy, Posh Partners! We’re Off to a Luxury Dude Ranch


Our brood is off to Colorado today to experience the towering beauty of the Rocky Mountains, the exhilaration of outdoor life with all the appointments, services and luxuries of a Five-Star hotel.

In the Smith Fork River Valley, midway between Aspen and Telluride is the exclusive Smith Fork Ranch.

An Andrew Harper pick, this luxe Colorado ranch offers guests luxury accommodations, fine food, horseback riding, private trout stream, swimming pond, hiking, biking, ranch work, gardening, games, spa and a kids club.

Our girls are very excited about Smith Fork’s horseback riding program and our family will ride together every day. Perhaps we’ll get good enough to join the ranch staff for barrel racing in the arena and team-up for cattle penning. How romantically Wild West!

Ranch guests can also enjoy a leisurely evening horseback ride to a scenic hilltop for cocktails and hors d’oeuvres.

We’ll also spa, enjoy the gourmet farm-to-table food, stargaze, enjoy BBQ’s and bonfires and enjoy our luxurious family adventure in the Rockies.

So long, Slim. More details later!

Posted by Elizabeth on 07/11 at 08:00 AM


Top 10 Gifts To Give To Travel-Loving Dads

Don’t know what to get your jet-setting dad this Father’s Day? If your dad loves to travel, here are some essentials that would make for the perfect gift this Father’s Day:

Noise Canceling Headphones

Traveling is meant to be a pleasurable experience, but when you’re in an airplane surrounded by noisy passengers, traveling can be a terrible headache. To make traveling a zen experience, consider gifting some Noise Canceling Headphones. They would also double as an audio delight for music lovers.

Personalized Toiletry Bag

Even men enjoy looking nicely groomed when on-the-go! Buy a personalized toiletry bag that has enough manly compartments to organize and store his toiletry needs. Fill the bag with some travel essentials including a mini body wash and shower gel so he doesn’t have to stick to the impersonal hotel shampoo and soap.

Mini Cologne

To keep dad smelling great even on-the-go, purchase a small bottle of his favorite cologne to pack along in his toiletry kit.

Leather weekender bag

Airport fashion doesn’t need to be drab and dull for the frequent flyer. Get dad a stylish bag so he is in high fashion when he’s flying high. This bag can be a convenient carry-on for the plane, and as the name suggests, this bag would be the perfect size to tote around for a short trip.


Stylish slippers would make for a comfy gift for your father. He can sport them to relax on the plane or in the hotel room; they’re easy to pack and lightweight to tote around.

Step Tracker

To get your dad into shape— even when he’s on a business trip— purchase a step tracker that can calculate the number of steps he takes as well as how many calories he’s burned. It is a great, visual incentive to ensure leading a healthy lifestyle.

Travel Mug

When dad needs his coffee pick-me-up, he can use a travel mug that also serves as a memento from you. You can purchase one that you can personalize so he will always have a piece of home with him.


As Father’s Day is in the summertime, a sporty, classy pair of men’s sunglasses is a must-have for for any dad. A Ray-Ban Wayfarer-eque design is classic, unless your dad prefers an Aviator style; either one will certainly have him looking sharp during his sunny travels.

Tablet case

For the traveling and tech savvy dad, how about a trendy tablet case to go along with his tablet? It will prevent his tablet from getting scratched while being a fashion statement at the same time, giving your dad bonus points for great style, thanks to you.

Power Outlet Adapter

If your dad is going to be traveling to a location outside of the United States that uses different power outlets, you can give him the gift of a universal power outlet adapter so he can use his electronic gadgets abroad.

Then, to top off the perfect gift, find a matching gift bag that’ll be as stylish as your present. Purchase any of these products and your dad will be traveling in style this Father’s Day.

About the Author: Marcela De Vivo is a writer for Protect America, mother of three and hard-working business owner in California. Her writing writing covers everything on travel, health, technology and marketing. For this Father’s Day, she plans to get her traveling dad at least one of these stylish gifts.

(photo credit) (photo credit)

Posted by Elizabeth on 07/10 at 12:47 PM


6 Reasons Why the Caribbean is the Best Luxe Beach Vacation

It’s no secret that Poshbrood LOVES the Caribbean…and right now is the best time to go! It’s low season so rates are down, but the weather is fine, beaches are soft and hurricane season still weeks away.

Here are 6 reasons you should book your next luxe beach vacay in the Caribbean:

1.) Easy To Get To

There are direct flights to most Caribbean islands from most major US & European cities. American Airlines has a robust service to the Caribbean direct from Dallas, Chicago, New York and Miami. JetBlue now has increased service in the Caribbean with direct flights to San Juan and the Dominican Republic and from most major cities on the East Coast. Other islands like Turks & Caicos, Jamaica, St. Maarten, Barbados are served through their New York and Boston hubs.

Click below to go to a very cool map from Budget Travel that shows you how you can fly non stop from your city:

2.) The Water

Caribbean water is the most beautiful, clear, azure water on the North American continent. The clarity and turquoise color are unmatched. You cannot believe how amazing the water is in Turks & Caicos. The temperature is warm like a bath and has little current. The water combined with the incandescent, soft white sand beaches is heaven.

3.) Accommodations

As if the beautiful scenery and beaches weren’t enough, the Caribbean has a range of accommodations—from eco-chic cabanas in Tulum, posh villa rentals in Jamaica, an intimate luxury hotel on St. Barth’s, to all-inclusive family resorts, adults-only, apartments, B&B’s or clothing optional—it’s all here. Rest assured there are accommodations to suit all types of traveler.

4.) Diving & Snorkling
Refer to #2. Crystal clear blue water = great diving and snorkeling all over the Caribbean. The islands are chock-full of beautiful marine life including bottle nose dolphins, colorful schools of tropical fish, sting rays and turtles.The Belize Reef that runs along the Yucatan is the second largest in the world. The waters around Bonaire is a national marine park, making it a haven for divers.

5.) The People

Visitors to the Caribbean always return home raving about the people. No matter where you go, you’ll find most West Indians are warm, happy, affectionate and very relaxed. I swear all of our babysitters (at different resorts throughout the Caribbean) have all been tropical Mary Poppins’: funny, loving, rule-enforcing, productive and loved our kids to pieces.

6.) Warm Sunshine
There is very little temperature difference between the seasons; you can expect 78° to 85°F (25° to 29°C) year round. In the dry season (January through July) there will be weeks of unbroken sunshine. Even in the wet season (July until January) there’s plenty of sunshine, but with more frequent showers (in the afternoon just in time for your siesta) with an occasional day where it rains most of the day.

Shhhh…We’ve Got a Posh Secret!


Are you now itching for a luxurious adult-only Caribbean getaway?
We’ve got a little secret— Rue La La, a chic flash sale site that we may or may not visit several times a day, is having an amazing sale on a fabulous adult only getaway in the Caribbean with travel dates valid through 12/20/13. Rue offers luxury hotel packages at a discount – as much as 25 to 30% off retail pricing. LOVE THAT.

Upcoming sales at Rue are totally hush hush until the official preview four days before the event. Along with Ciao Bambino and Luxury Travel Mom, we’re privy to an upcoming awesome sale for parents who want an outrageous Caribbean getaway without the littles! The sale will be a substantial discount at a luxe beach resort and includes all meals.

*Step one is to become a member, it’s free and a luxury traveler must-do.

Click here to join Rue La La.

*Step two—SET YOUR SMARTPHONE ALARMS: All Rue sales go live at 11a EST and this one will be live on July 16th!  Stay tuned because we’ll be able to share all the juicy details on July 12th …

Fine Print
You buy certificates for travel deals on Rue but don’t have to commit to exact travel dates at the time of purchase. There is a validity period and although the sale is based on open inventory, rooms are booked on a first come first serve basis. Once you buy into a travel sale, you should confirm travel dates ASAP then go buy that new bikini

This is a sponsored post. Although we are partnering with Rue to get the word out on these fab travel sales, Poshbrood will not endorse any properties that don’t meet our posh-test. Oh, and this mystery Carib hotel passed with flying colors!

Posted by Elizabeth on 07/03 at 05:25 PM
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4 Last Minute July Fourth Family Travel Getaways

Haven’t made plans for July 4th but desperate to get away? We’ve rounded up four luxury family getaways with a special “POSHBROOD” discount at the historic Homestead Resort in Hot Springs, VA.

Here’s the scoop:

1.) Nemacolin Woodlands Resort & Spa
Nemacolin Woodlands Resort is a family-run luxury vacation destination on 2,000 wooded acres in Southwestern Pennsylvania. A three-hour drive from the DC, New York and Philly, Nemacolin is one of six hotels and resorts in the world to host Forbes Five-Star, AAA Five-Diamond lodging and dining.

Nemacolin’s six lodging options offer something for everyone—from an RV park—to a glam Frank-Lloyd Wright boutique hotel—to family-friendly townhouses – you’ll find your ideal vacation lodgings here. July 4th weekend Nemacolin will have live music, s’mores at fire pit, bingo night, kids’ carnival, fireworks, family Zumba, scavenger hunts and more. Go on a hike, hang out at the pool, play mini golf, take a “Safari Tour” through their onsite zoo which has bears, Bengal Tigers, Sloths, lions and more. There is no shortage of 4th of July family action here!

Two Night Family Escape packages and 3, 4 night packages are available through November. Nightly room rates start at $395 a night.

2.)  The Natural Bridge Hotel
Located in Natural Bridge, VA, just 3 hours from DC is an interesting alternative to a pricey Eastern Shore holiday weekend. They’re offering a July 4th package that includes: one night in the historic Natural Bridge Hotel, country breakfast, admission to the Natural Bridge, Cedar Creek Nature Trail, Monacan Indian Village, indoor butterfly garden, Caverns, Wax Museum, the new Jefferson’s Playground and Family Fun Center. It’s an affordable alternative to the classic pricier beach trip, and beautiful place in the mountains to cool off in the summer. Adding on nights is also affordable. Guests who stay longer can visit a Safari Park, Lexington, vineyards, breweries; go to a drive-in movie and a dirt-track speedway; hike, bike, and explore the nearby Blue Ridge Parkway.

On the 4th, beneath the one-of-kind Natural Bridge, we’ll have a very one-of-a-kind event, a public reading of the Declaration of Independence will be reenacted at noon, 2 and 4pm. An American Revolution period-costumed re-enactor serving as a town crier will perform the reading as done throughout the 13 states in 1776; that’s how news was shared then.  Guests can see fireworks just down the road at Lexington’s VMI at 9:30pm, July 4. $99 (plus tax) for 2 people, and $149 (plus tax) for a family of 4.

3.) Kimpton Hotels MidAtlantic
The family and pet-friendly boutique hotel group is offering Red, White & Boom Summer Rates, which are applicable to Thursday-Sunday stays through September 8 (also counting the entire week of July 4th). Guests can get 10% off 1 night stays, 15% off 2 night stays and 20% off three night stays at all DC, Virginia and Maryland hotels with rate code BOOM. Book the hip Donovan House Hotel downtown DC for the rooftop pool and VIP view of the fireworks or stay at the chic Hotel Monaco, steps away from the fabulous Spy Museum—and 3 blocks from the start of the National

Room rates start as low as $169 a night.

4.) The Homestead
The Omni Homestead in Hot Springs, Virginia is known for many things, but perhaps above all for their Southern hospitality and charm. This historic resort has welcomed guests, including 22 US Presidents, as early as the 18th century. The Homestead has an array of activities including our new family-friendly Allegheny Springs water complex with lazy river, water slides, family pool, water play zone and whirlpool. Guests may also enjoy movies, bingo, magic shows, balloon art, bounce house, caricaturist, face painting, golf, sporting clays, canoeing, mountain biking, Segway tours, kayaking, horseback riding, paintball and more.

Enjoy an All-American cookout on Thursday, July 4th with live entertainment by the Key West Band followed by our spectacular fireworks display and concert by Sound Connection.

Rates begin at $425 a night for family of four—Homestead having a special offer: 4th: stay 3 nights (arriving on July 3) and get the 4th night free~  Mention “Poshbrood”

Want more details? You can check out our appearance on “Let’s Talk Live” by clicking here:

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Fab Friday: Rhode Island Luxury

Fab Links

Check out this photo blog of our 48 hours in Ireland!
Want to write for Poshbrood? Here are our guideliness. Take a look and send us some topics!
POSH PICK: Thanks to Kate Rockland of this fab review of her and her brood’s stay at Hotel Viking in Newport, RI!

Fab Tweets


Posted by Elizabeth on 06/28 at 03:46 PM


Fab Friday: Rhode Island Luxury

Fab Links

Check out this photo blog of our 48 hours in Ireland!
Want to write for Poshbrood? Here are our guideliness. Take a look and send us some topics!
POSH PICK: Thanks to Kate Rockland of this fab review of her and her brood’s stay at Hotel Viking in Newport, RI!

Fab Tweets


Posted by Elizabeth on 06/28 at 03:46 PM


Fab Friday: Rhode Island Luxury

Fab Links

Check out this photo blog of our 48 hours in Ireland!
Want to write for Poshbrood? Here are our guideliness. Take a look and send us some topics!
POSH PICK: Thanks to Kate Rockland of this fab review of her and her brood’s stay at Hotel Viking in Newport, RI!

Fab Tweets


Posted by Elizabeth on 06/28 at 03:46 PM


Want to write for Poshbrood? These are our guidelines.

We love to publish travel-savvy, family-friendly articles from contributors far and wide! If you would like to share an experience with your brood or tips for a fab time in your favorite city, let’s make it happen.

The Poshbrood team would love to hear your topic ideas and review draft posts. Send an email to Editorial Manager and Social Networking Boss Amy Schmittauer at: amy (at) poshbrood (dot) com.

BUT before you do, there are some guidelines we would like you to follow so you can better your chances of being published here on the blog. Please read and execute each of the follow requirements when creating content for

1) Posts should be well-written and of interest to the Poshbrood readers. Emphasis should be on family-friendly, posh and luxurious travel advice. Posts should be clear, top-grade advice for approval to maintain the integrity and high-level information of the site.

2. Please provide a 3-5 sentence bio with your article. A picture of the writer would also be preferred so that the Poshbrood audience can make a visual connection with the writer.

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48 Hours in Ireland: PHOTOS

We just got back from a whirlwind 48 Hours in Ireland. Here are highlights in photos:

New Direct Flights JFK-Dublin on American Airlines Makes Getting to Ireland Even Easier

Number 31, A Boutique Townhouse Hotel in Dublin Center Offers Posh, Affordable Accommodations

Number 31’s Famous Irish Breakfast

Number 31’s Reception Area & Bar—Calling Don Draper

St. Stephen’s Green

Pubs & Tourism = Perfection

Pints & Music

Doors of Dublin

Ballyfin—The Irish Downton Abbey

Ballyfin Bed

Heavenly Solarium

Ballyfin Room with a View

Ballyfin Beauty

More Beauty

Ballyfin Eden

Oh, Ireland we miss you already!

Posted by Elizabeth on 06/21 at 06:56 PM
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